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Chelsea Breaks Transfer Record To Sign World Champion Enzo Fernandez For 121 Million Euros

Numerous players utilized the World Cup stage to draw other clubs in the winter transfer window.
For none the competition in Qatar had more amazing effects than for Enzo Fernandez.
As a world champion, the only 22-year-old Argentinian to Benefice Lisbon went back to switch to Chelsea for 121 million euros.
The Portuguese provided out the principle of both clubs on Wednesday night.
In the end, Chelsea even paid a little more than the exit clause of 120 million euros, due to the fact that in return, Benefice, in return
The transfer cost also sets a brand-new British record.
The midfielder signed a contract until June 30, 2031.

It is the last and most amazing coup of the blues that put all the football Europe in the shade with their transfer activities in January: they spent an overall of practically 350 million euros for transfer fees alone.
It is also an incredible offer for Benefice.


Just 7 months back, the league leader of the first Portuguese League Fernandez had actually signed by River Plate, which would be gotten by 25 percent of the transfer amount for 14 million euros.
Had actually led.
Trainer Roger Schmidt on the other hand explained the behavior of the blues as disrespectful.

Jericho brings Chelsea essential income

At Chelsea, Fernandez will no longer satisfy Jericho, who, like him, frequents protective midfield.
The 31-year-old Italian switched to Premier League leader Arsenal on the Due date Day half a year before his contract for a rumored 13.6 million euros and hence likewise gave the Londoners urgently needed transfer income.
At the Gunners, the Italian European champ signed an agreement up until June 2024.
Fernandez and all the other pricey beginners must assist Chelsea to somehow produce the certification for the Champions League.
Borussia Dortmund’s challenger is presently in the round of 16 of the premier class and a completely brand-new team after this 4th place after the table fourth Manchester United-Hat after this 4th.

CD Project: Sales in Russia and Belarus stopped

U.S. imposes more sanctions on Russia and Belarus

The Polish company CD project, well known for Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher, today reaffirmed its solidarity with Ukraine again. In a public communication, it was known that due to the military invasion of Russia until further notice, the sales of his video games in Russia and Belarus. With its partners you will start today to set the digital sale and stop delivery of products in said countries. The sales on the platform are also set. The statement says, among other things: > “Although we are not a political instance that can influence government matters, and this does not strive for, we believe that commercial companies, if they have joined, have a global change in the hearts and minds of people to bring about. ” The full statement:

Characters of Mortal Kombat could appear on Multiversus

One of the most striking points of multiverses, the Super Smash Bros. of Warner Bros., are all the properties that will be present. From Shaggy, passing through Batman, to Gandalf. However, many wonders if we will see a character of Mortal Kombat. Fortunately, It seems that developers have good news about it.

Recently, Tony Hugh, co-founder of Player1Stgames and director of multiverses, shared a tweet where he asked him which character of Mort emo Combat wishes the public to see in this title. While the participation of this series was not confirmed, it seems that this is something that is currently in mind. This was what was commented about:

I’m definitely not saying that it will happen, but if you had to choose 2 MK characters to join multiverses What would you choose?

MultiVersus - Developer Asks Community for Mortal Kombat Character Requests?!
Recall that Nether realm, those responsible for Mortal Kombat, are part of Warner Bros., So the chances of seeing sub-zero or scorpion in Multiverses are real. On related topics, here you can check more about this expected title by the community of players.

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