A topic that is also hot in Germany and again hot: Pornographic material on the Internet. If it goes according to some local politicians and politicians, that should only be accessible with a proof of age.

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This is also seen in the United Kingdom of politicians and interest associations. Therefore, there are now new plans for a mandatory proof of age at online pornography.

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What are the plans?

The Government in the United Kingdom wants to introduce a mandatory proof of age together with side operators of the porn industry, as The Sunday Times reports, the largest Sunday newspaper in the country with a conservative orientation.

Why is a need for action?

The discussion is not new to the United Kingdom, in 2019, the topic was in the room, but then prevented data protection concerns ultimately the implementation. Jugendrafters are not satisfied with the old-age labels used yet instead.

What problems are there?

The reason: Pornographic representations would adversely affect the Sexuality of young people in their development and also increase the willingness of violence. The All Party Parliamentary Group of Commercial Sexual Exploitation therefore demanded a course change by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which he recently agreed.

When is the new law?

The proof of age should be introduced with a new law that is at the beginning of 2022 at the decision. External services Should the age verification take over and data to persons should then be deleted directly.

How should this work?

Another possibility for the proof of age is to be artificial intelligence, according to the Youth Protection Officer Rachel de Souza in the future, which recognizes the majority of majority on the basis of the language of users and users, confirming access to pornographic material on the Internet.

Source: the standard

From Johannes Gearing

30.11.2021 at 10:23