Riot Games announced on the 26th that this year’s League of Legends World Championships have been improved from last year. It features more prediction challenge tasks and rewards.

In 2022, the League of Legends World Championship (Rolled Cup) will end on September 30 (Korea Time) at the Arena esports Stadium in Mexico City, Mexico, Mexico.

The group stage and the quarter-finals will be held at the Madison Square Garden in New York, the semifinals, at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, and the finals at the Chase Center in San Francisco on November 6.

‘Pick’em’ is held every stage. In this Rolled Cup, the first play-in-stage is also expected. You can predict the tournament stage of the play-in-stage, which is played in the 3rd and 3rd wins. On October 3, when the group full league of the play-in-stage is completed, the 5th 3rd and 3rd wins will be held on October 4th, and the 5th match will be held on the 5th when the game is completed on the 4th. Proceed with predictions.

In the case of the 16th stage of the 16th group, the final ranking of the team assigned to four groups must be accurately predicted. If you expect Benji to play in Group D, you can place Benji on top of the same group. The prediction of the 16th stage of the 16th stage can be confirmed by 6:15 am on October 8, when the group stage begins after the play-in-stage ends on October 5th.

When the group stage is completed, the game forecast for the tournament stage after the quarter-finals will be made. This is finally included in anticipation of the Rolled Cup championship. After the end of the group stage, you can confirm the prediction from the quarter-finals to the final.

The quarterfinals can be predicted from October 17th to 6:15, when the quarter-finals begin from October 17th, and the quarter-finals start from October 24, when the quarterfinals end. You can predict until 6:15. The finals can be predicted by 9:15 on November 6, when the final starts from October 31, when the quarter-finals end.

‘Crystal Bead’ forecast is also carried out. Riot Games has formed a crystal beads with questions familiar to League of Legends e-sports fans. This year’s crystal marble needs deeper knowledge of the World Championship Meta. The most common champions, the most prohibited champions, and how many times the entails will come out, how many times the Baron Steel will appear, and who will achieve the most kills, and so on.

At 5:15 am on the 30th (Korea time), you can predict 20 items for a week before the World Championship starts with the play-in stage, and you can check the scores and rewards after the Rolled Cup final.

The crystal bead score can be found after the end of the Rolled Cup final. The scores acquired with the correct choice are calculated differently from the new scores of the game, and can be found on separate leaderboards.

Fans in the region can participate in the achievements of the gods and crystal beads of the general game, respectively.

Fans can only obtain a grade compensation, which is the highest score for each rank. All grade rewards will be provided on November 7, the day after the end of the World Championship.

One 2022 Rolled Cup Championship Capsule is given every time you confirm the crystal bead prediction, play-in-tournament stage prediction, group stage forecast, and quarter-finals.

Riot Games is a top 5%S-class in the god of the game, 50 Rolled Cup tokens, 4 capsules, Cascading ‘Look!’ Provides emotional expressions. Every time you go down to the grade, the number of Rolled Cup capsules is reduced.

‘Perfect Hit’, which means perfectly hit fans, is only a group stage and a tournament stage and is separate from the crystal beads. If you achieve a perfect hit, you will get 6 kinds of transcendental skins (pulse gun Real, guardian Woodier, DJ Son, elemental lux, Mobile shooting god Miss Fortune, K/DA All Out Affine) Can.

All transcendental skins are given to fans who have all the crystal bead predictions. For the top S-class, 50 Rolled Cup tokens and 4 capsules, Sandra ‘Sub!’ Emotional expressions are given, and as the grade goes down, the less capsule is provided.


If you have been listened to the god or crystal beads of the game, you can get the 2022 World Championship Air Skin (including Air if you don’t get the champion).