It was crucial, this gave a simple repair to the developer, that’s why it could be entirely fixed within a few hours.

Patch 13.1 b brought a couple of balance modifications to a lots of champions consisting of boilers, Singed and Virus, along with presented new Lunar skins to the store on Feb. 6.

On Feb. 6, many League of Legends gamers were tossed into confusion by seeing all modifications presented together with Patch 13.1 b being reverted momentarily.

The occurrence was quickly resolved, as Riot Games reintroduced the changes as intended a few hours later on.

In addition, gamers couldn’t mark time for ranked video games and saw a dozen champions being gotten rid of from the champion select stage, as well as items and runes. Many worried that a game-breaking bug had appeared and would paralyze League for a while.

The designer then described the 13.1 b update was hack which it overwrote the previous Patch 13.3, according to Riot Ray Yong, presenting a conflict between both additions.

Many fans wondered, nevertheless, what critical concern pressed the developer to apply the hotfix that rapidly on live servers.


That explains why the bug went prevalent in the game: Patch 13.3 brought a great deal of changes, in a number of aspects of the game. In addition to all runes, champs, and items removed, it likewise affected Team fight Strategies.