The Nintendo Switch also swims on a big wave of success nearly six years after its launch.
The popular hybrid console recently reached a new milestone with which it overtakes the strong competition from Sony, amongst other things.
We sum up all the important information for you.


brand-new turning point for the Change

Nintendo just recently released the report on the previous service quarter.
This included not only general key figures of the Japanese business, but also some intriguing details about the Nintendo Switch (now purchase EUR 338.00).
In the months between October and December 2022, this sold around 8.22 million times worldwide.
This implies that the hybrid console is now more than 122.55 million copies offered since the launch in 2017.
This is not just a substantial number in itself, however also catapults the Nintendo Switch to third location in the very popular consoles of perpetuity.
She was now able to overtake the really effective PS4, which is currently at around 117.2 million units sold.
Just the PS2 (155 million) and the Nintendo DS (154.02 million) are currently dealing with the switch.
The future will reveal whether it can surpass these platforms.

games sell like cut bread

The continued favorable trend is also evident in software application sales: In the previous quarter, Nintendo was able to offer more than 76.71 million switch games worldwide, the overall counter is now at 994.3 million and thus soon before the magical billion mark.
The best-selling very first parlor game is still the Racer Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with 52 million copies sold.

This is followed by the life simulation Animal Crossing: New Horizons (41.59 million) and the combating video game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (30.44 million).
Source: Nintendo
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