[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The game of the professional baseball season is imminent, and the game stories are becoming a busy to celebrate fans. This year, Netmarble and Com2us are expected to form a new composition and form a competitive composition.

According to the game industry on the 23rd, the 2022 KBO League is held from April 2 to September 23, and the baseball games are in front of the opening of the season.

Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo Wook) will launch a 30-day on mobile game ‘Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022’. Dictionary downloads are available on the 29th day before the lunar day.

Netmarble Pro Baseball, developed by Netmarble and Park, is a baseball mobile game that implements various situations in the actual baseball game as high quality 3D graphics. You can enjoy real players and game records based on KBO licenses.

The company was a key feature of Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022, which is the highest level of graphics quality among mobile baseball games and its own athlete, and the owner of the ‘My Athlete’, which can be federated, at any time. It also utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology, making the face of the players close to the actual reality.

PD of Hwang Seung Sun Development PD is “to use motion capture equipment as well as the face of the players, implementing a player’s unique helmet and striking foam and the actual appearance of each stadium.” I said.

Netmarble is expected to show ‘Club Content’ that confronts a group with a player card battle “Challenge Mode” and various users in the future.

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Com2us starts the service of the new ‘Com2s Pro Baseball V22 (complaint V22)’ on April 5, which is immediately after the league opening. In addition, it is a marketing for marketing, including a promotional image of the KBO’s signature star player.

The Comfort V22 was a real baseball game of 20 years of development of Com2us, a 3d head scan for a total of 379 players, a total of 379 players, and a graphical motion capture of two years. It is a company side explanation that a variety of mentors of Jung Woo Young Casters and Lee Soon Chul, who participated in the relay, are combined with thousands of branches, depending on the situation, and it is a company side explanation that it will be a natural relay.

In addition, there is a feature of the scavenging system that plays the game in a desired way to play the game in the way – Viro view switching function, a challenge system that succeeds the existing compilation IP, and live content, which is reflected in the actual program’s grades and records, is also a feature of V22.

NCsoft also predicted ‘professional baseball H3’ in line with the opening of the professional baseball season. The company will introduce ‘KBO Prediction System’ in professional baseball H3. It is a content that predicts the victory team, the romue, and the romue of the actual professional baseball game. In addition, we also provide special coupons in the ’22 season ’22 season with various benefits.

The game industry official said, “A new baseball game and a large update are being held ahead of the opening of the professional baseball season,” said the new baseball game and large updates are being held.