The model of the online service Halo Infinite presents new cosmetic items that players can purchase to set up their Spartan for multiplayer games. One of the most notable new additions to the cosmetic catalog of the game is the Sangheyl shoulder armor in the form of a skull. This element of bone armor will surely become the subject of the envy of other Spartans, so the hurry to grab it.

Players can earn a shoe with Sangheil’s skull through the combat skip Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves. Although there is a free element in battle pass, players must purchase a combat pass to gain access to this award when they rises in combat pass ranks.

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To receive ranks, players need to perform daily and weekly tasks in Halo Infinite. Each completion of the test brings experience for combat pass, ultimately increasing its rating. Armor with Sangheili skull is available during the season 2: “Single wolves”. If you skip this season, you can increase the level of combat pass of the previous season and unlock parts later.

Although we are not yet sure to what level the Sangheil’s skull plate refers, we will update this part as soon as 343 Industries will reveal this information.

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