The Mid Set 7.5 of TFT will bring many changes in convergence and Riot Games has also decided Update the dragons , and there is probably one that changes everything, since now you can put so many dragons on your land without the Optimization that allowed it.. Dragons that grant loot also have the right to their small improvement. Discover all the changes that await you with patch 12.17 !

Goodbye to infinite dragons

The truth is that Riot Games is not entirely happy with the first part of the set. Some dragons quickly found their place, while others required much more balance (such as Shyvana or Aurelion Sol). With its high cost, unique type and monopolizing two slots, developers took some time to get each dragon to win their place without being too punishing. Its high cost created difficult situations where players had to be very lucky or plan your economy to the maximum to get 3 copies.


Here are the changes to Dragons with the average set:

  • Dragons are no longer unique
  • Dragon has become a main attribute
  • Dragons now cost 6, 7 and 8 gold at levels 3, 4 and 5, respectively.

As a result, it was necessary to create a new specific attribute for the dragon, a feature that will give it from 4 dragons, an additional slot in your team that will allow you to place up to 5 dragons in the field. The dragon attribute looks a bit like the guild, since it will do different things the more dragons you add:

* Passive : Dragons need 2 team slots
* Dragons count as three units of the indicated attribute and obtain additional improvements depending on the number of dragons we have in the team

  1. 500 additional life points
  2. 20 of armor and magical resistance
  3. 10% more damage
  4. +1 to the size of the equipment
  5. Duplicate the previous statistics bonuses it costs you to level up, new improvements called Dragon Heart, which gives you +1 to the dragon attribute, and a prismatic increase called era of the dragon, which grants three dragons (grants three dragons (granting three dragons (which Zippy, glutton and a random 4 level)..

Changes in the Treasury Dragon

Instead of appearing with the same loot distribution at a time, the precious dragon can now appear in three different versions. These new versions are dragon of the chaos and dragon of the order, which appear in 30% of the items. The remaining 40% obtains the Classic Treasury Dragon and which appears for all players.

Dragon of Chaos

The Chaos Dragon will have a very variable loot with each relaunch. His offer will not have a specific theme or purpose, but all will be of great value. Some more than others, but you will have to throw again and change offers to see what works best for your team.

This dragon can contain emblems, ornn items, champions duplicators, spatulas and almost anything that players can use . In addition, this implies the return of the target consumable of destinations: Beasts Festival.

Dragon of order

The dragon of order will focus on granting radiant objects with which to enhance your team. This dragon will bring similar options to those of the classic treasure dragon, but they will be much more powerful thanks to the inclusion of radiant objects. Look at Change options below!

The addition of light objects was really important for the development team, since it adds a new layer of decision-making, between choosing your favorite light object instead of the component of the object you were looking for to give the ideal combo for your transport.

All these new functions are already available in the PBE. Midset 7.5 will arrive at the servers with patch 12.17, which will reach official servers on Wednesday, September 8, 2022.