More than two years have passed since Shenmue III released at PlayStation 4 and PC, and fans are understandably curious to see if the series will continue. The Creator Yu Suzuki has kept silence on Shenmue 4, but they have begun to circulate rumors that the publisher 110 Industries could be involved in the project. Last year Suzuki appeared during a presentation of 110 Industries at the Tokyo Game Show. Earlier this month, in an Instagram publication, 110 Industries responded to a fan that said the publisher should collaborate with Suzuki in a new Shenmue game. The publisher answered, joking: “Guess why he was in our TGS transmission.”

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Promoting the game realized this provocation, and an article of the site now has resulted in Shenmue fanatics, question the publisher on Twitter, looking for additional slopes about Shenmue 4. The developer began to give me and respond to those tweets, leaving even more cryptic tracks, although the company has not come to say anything definitive about a possible Shenmue 4. At this time, it is difficult to know if it is about the company playing with the fans and delighting with attention, or if it is An indication of something bigger. One of the answers related to ShenMUE of the editor can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

For now, Shenmue fanatics will only have to wait and see what is revealed! Shenmue III was published by Deep Silver, but retail sales were apparently on the lower side. It is possible that, as a result, the editor has rejected a fourth installment, which led Suzuki to look elsewhere. 110 Industries is a smaller publisher and a game like Shenmue 4 could help you find a larger audience. For now, Shenmue fanatics will only have to wait and see where all this is going! The fan base was forced to wait 18 years between the launches of Shenmue II and Shenmue III; Hopefully the news about a quarter Shenmue game take much less time!

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