Masterpieces are essential collectible articles in lost ark.
You can find them around the world and get some of them through missions, dungeons and many other activities in the game.
But when collecting them, what is their use and where you go to deliver Lost Ark Masterpieces?
This article will address where to exchange masterpieces to unlock rewards and what rewards await you.

Where to exchange masterpieces for rewards in Lost Ark

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Exchange masterpieces is simple.
You just have to find sunflower island and talk to an NPC called Alfonso.
From there, you can exchange your masterpieces for rewards that have a threshold of how many articles you need to exchange to get the next lot in Lost Ark.
This is how you can exchange your masterpieces for rewards:
Arrive to the Gunning Island.
Talk to Alfonso.
Finish Alfonso’s following missions
Casey Vehicle
Hotter than the sun
Love of my life
After finishing all the missions, you can exchange masterpieces for rewards.

Complete list of rewards for exchanging masterpieces in Lost Ark

The game will generously reward you for delivering masterpieces, as well as rewarding players in other aspects.
Here is a complete list of rewards that you can acquire:
Number of required masterpieces |
2 |
Soul sheet (30)
4 |
Proud (emoticon)
6 |
Packing of uncommon cards (3)
8 |
Vitality increase potion
10 |
Sour is island soul
12 |
Essence of eternity (20)
14 |
Potion to increase statistics
sixteen |
Rare letters package (3)
18 |
Structure: Cerro Azul
20 |
Artist’s treasure chest
22 |
Creation fragment (15)
24 |
26 |
Epic letter
28 |
30 |
Artist’s treasure chest
32 |
Volume of Menelik (10)
34 |
Artist’s treasure chest
36 |
Wei card
38 |
Artist’s treasure chest
40 |
Art fan (title)
42 |
Structure: Divine protection
44 |
46 |
Guardian card Len
48 |
The greatest masterpiece of a life

Lost Ark generously rewards players over time they dedicate to collecting these masterpieces, especially the souls of the island of sunflower.
Players can exchange this soul of the island in has a statue in Other, the lonely island.
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