Sushi is one of the most famous dishes in the modern world, and it is as popular in the game world of Disney Dream light Valley. Rice is an important resource necessary for the preparation of land, so you should get it in advance.

There are two ways to get rice in the game. Buying crop seeds and, secondly, planting seeds for growing rice. Follow this leadership to find out about each of the mentioned processes of obtaining rice.

How to get rice seeds in Disney Dream light Valley


If you have been playing the game for a long time, you should know that the ideal place for buying seeds is Sufi kiosks in the Poly an zone of trust in the southwestern areas of the valley. If you want to get rice seeds, find these mini-stores and spend your star coins to buy a product.

how to unlock a polar of trust

If you have not unlocked the Glade of Trust zone in peaceful meadows, you will not be able to access the Huffy counter. Therefore, you cannot purchase rice seeds.

To unlock the zone, the player must perform a quest. In this quest, you are faced with the task of removing the dense clusters of Loan, which block the paths leading to peaceful meadows. For this, players must pay Melina about 5000 Dream light. Good price, but you will have to collect this amount by performing quests and making adventures to unlock Glade of Trust.

As soon as you unlock the zone in the Dilute Disney Valley, head to the southern part of the northern entrance associated with peaceful meadows. There you will find the Hugh shelves. Spend 35-Star Coins to buy a pack of rice seeds from him. The price is very affordable. As soon as the purchase is completed, return to your farm. You can plant rice anywhere.

how to plant rice seeds in Disney Dream light Valley

The procedure for planting rice seeds is the same for any other culture that you may want to grow in the valley. The first step is to arm yourself with a shovel, and then dig a plot on any section of your land at your request.

Select the area/place without any environmental decor. After you chose it, sow the seeds and pour the site. You should wait almost 50 minutes, after which the rice will germinate. As soon as they grow to a maximum height, you can harvest.