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Mihoyo of Harajin reported that the investment trust lost up to 40 billion yen. If the sales are flashy, the loss is also flashy

The Chinese technology media 36KR reported that MIHOYO, a representative game company in Harajin and 3rd, could have lost up to 40 billion yen in the investment trust business. Mihoyo has filed a lawsuit on June 25 to Minmetals International Trust, a real estate investment trust based in Shanghai, which has undergone investment trusts.

According to 36kr, MIHOYO was aiming for a listing in the stock market in China around 2017, but delays have been delayed one after another. Mihoyo had a strong confidence in his cash flow, but the founder, Hiruu Tsai, withdrawn. After the withdrawal, a venture capital was opened to make a profit by investing in unnecessary emerging businesses. They also proceeded in the direction of operating Mihoyo as an investment company.

Venture capital is basically an investment company that invests in a high-return investment method that invests in future emerging businesses. As an example, Mihoyo is in collaboration with the investment company Nio Capital, investing in Singularity, which develops a small tokamak-type nuclear fusion reactor, which is said to be the next generation. In this way, Mihoyo developed an investment business with a view to the future, investing in other companies, rather than listing himself.


However, MIHOYO’s investment business, which was widely developed, was greatly hurt by an investment trust contract with Mintrust. An investment trust is an investment method in which a trust management company raises funds from investors and invests in behalf of investors. In other words, in this case, a trust operating company Mintrust was unable to make a profit while receiving investment from investors, mihoyo. Some media, including Yahoo! Finance, that Mintrust has failed to make a profit, that there is a headwind of the real estate market that has fallen since May this year in China.

In addition, Mintrust has defaulted (default) in 15 trust projects in the past. The loss of the trust project that has been defaulted is 40 billion yen or more, and it cannot be determined at this stage whether Mihoyo’s damaged amount was caused by default. That’s it.

According to some lawyers who are familiar with Mihoyo’s investment trends, Mihoyo’s actions of dyeing real estate investment trusts were unusual. This is because investment trusts specializing in the real estate business are very unstable in China. Lawyer Zhang SHENGLI says that game companies and real estate businesses that step into such unstable markets are related to fire and ice. He explains that it is an unstable combination that erases each other.

Mihoyo may seem to have been a big pain. However, it is presumed that Mihoyo received about 3 billion US dollars (approximately ¥ 420 billion) as a total sales of the Harajin mobile version (Sensor Tower). With such a financial margin, Mihoyo has announced a new partnership with a GOERTEK acoustic equipment development manufacturer.

Investing in fields with technical innovation is particularly risky. However, Mihoyo keeps choosing a field with technical innovation as an investment destination, without breaking the belief that the motto is Tech Otakus Saves The World. Maybe you want.

FC Bayern: Frenkie de Jong denies FCB

Voetbalpraat |
Frenkie de Jong has contributed rumors to a possible change to FC Bayern. He wanted to stay with the FC Barcelona for a long time, explained the Dutch. “Does it happen to Bayern? No, no. I’m so happy in Barcelona and I hope I can play here as long as possible,” said de Jong at ziggo Sport . In the episode, the midfielder, which is currently bound to Barca until 2026, brought an expansion of his working paper: “I love to be in Barcelona. I would probably sign an extension for six more years if you would ask me afterwards. ” Articles and videos about the topic * Auba: “Clasico is the biggest game in the world” * The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on Dazn – Register now! Already about a month ago de Jong had made clear that his change to Barcelona was “a dream.”

Phil Spencer will get the honor for the trajectory in the 25th edition of those Awards

Megggan Scavio , Head Of State of AIAS, discussed that Phil Spencer has actually revealed passion as well as leadership throughout Him’s occupation. “He is responsible for plenty of ** remarkable initiatives that have resounded throughout the entire videogame industry,” claimed Scavio. “We aspire to celebrate Spencer’s essential effect on the background of videogames.”

Microsoft RESPONDS to Xbox 'Monopoly' Fears | Phil Spencer Receives Industry Award

We have actually seen various other participants Renowned market from the sector to obtain this honor, such as the parent of Nintendo Wii. As for Spencer, we heard it for the last time when he revealed his need to keep Telephone call of Task on PlayStation, after the purchase of the Activision Blizzard research study executed by MicroSot a couple of days earlier.

What is the award for the trajectory? It is an honor booked only for individuals whose accomplishments have actually been scattered through numerous self-controls , along a lengthy career in the sector. “Those that receive it are usually differentiated individuals by their leadership in business,” he states the official declaration. “These people have triggered significant and also favorable changes through the market.”

The Academy of Arts and Interactive Sciences (AIAS in English) has simply announced that Phil Spencer , CEO of Xbox, will certainly get the Award to the Trajectory (Lifetime Achievement Award) during the event of Says Awards in Her edition number 25. The occasion will certainly take location in Las Vegas, next February 24 , as well as will certainly be the same Todd Howard, director as well as manufacturer of Bethesda, who will certainly offer the Spencer Award.

We are distressed to celebrate the crucial influence of Spencer Meggan Scavio “Phil Spencer was appointed chief executive officer of Microsoft Pc Gaming in January 2022, and has worked with innovation and home entertainment for more than three decades “, Rez words of the official statement. “Considering that he joined as a Microsoft trainee in 1998, Spencer has actually had countless functions within the business, including Vice Head of state, Chief of Xbox, and also General Manager.”

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