At MediaMarkt you can currently get the cheap Gaming Headset Hyperx Cloud 2 compatible with all current consoles, for 49 euros. According to the comparison platform Idealo, this is the cheapest price for more than a year. It is a daily offer that is valid only until tomorrow 9 o’clock, unless it is sold out. Here you come to the deal:

Hyperx Cloud II Gaming Headset for 49 euros at Mediamarkt

How good is the Hyperx Cloud 2?

Sound: The Hyperx Cloud 2 has been one of the most popular wired gaming headsets on the market for years, as it also offers excellent value for money at normal price. The sound convinces with rich bass and outstanding mids. The latter are important for dialogues and step sounds. At the heights, which are the weak point in many gaming headsets, it cuts only mediocre.

Micro & Processing: The microphone of Hyperx Cloud 2 is of very good quality. Not only is the voice clear and clear again, it is also good to hide noises from the environment. In addition, the headset is well processed with its robust suspension made of aluminum and its flexible headband and has a comfortable padding on the listeners and the hanger.

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Hyperx Cloud II Gaming Headset for 49 euros at Mediamarkt

Compatibility & Connections: The 3.5 mm jack connector is the Hyperx Cloud 2 compatible with all current consoles, so with PS4 and PS5 as well as with Xbox One and Series and with Nintendo Switch. For connection to the PC, there is also an extension with USB port. Since the cable remote control with regulation of handset and microphone volume depends on this extension, you can not use them unfortunately if you use the 3.5mm plug. In this regard, this is very similar, but currently more expensive Hyperx Cloud Alpha more practical.

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