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Cult of the Lamb Blue or Red Hearts?

You initially do not have enough health to survive long crusades in the lamb cult. You will constantly need health regeneration.

However, instead of using healing potions, your lamb is required to use hearts, since they are the main source of healing. Due to the fact that each heart has its own unique features, you will have more chances to hold out longer, fighting with strong enemies.

In the next leadership, we will explain which heart is better to choose, and how to increase the number of hearts in the cult of the lamb.

Explanation of the types of heart of the lamb

Cult of the Lamb has three types of hearts: red, blue and sick.

  • Red hearts: these hearts can be completely cured.
  • Blue hearts: these hearts cannot be healed.
  • Painful/sore hearts: have the same features as blue hearts, but if they hit the closest enemies.

The main difference between red and blue hearts is that red hearts are your standard hearts that are used to enter the dungeons and are completely cured. Taking into account that blue hearts are temporary hearts that disappear after death and do not provide complete health regeneration.

As a rule, red hearts are the best option if you want to use them at the initial stages of the game, since they can be replenished several times throughout the entire passage.

However, as soon as you move to the last stages of the game, blue hearts will be the best option, because at the end of your trip you will have to either choose them or half of the red hearts.

If you managed to break through to the battle with the boss without getting a lot of damage, then blue hearts can be used to ensure maximum health before you reach the final.

The best way to find these hearts is to plunder the corpses of defeated enemies or plunder chests that appear in different rooms of the dungeons guarded by enemies.

The chances that you get a complete increase in the heart depend on the rarity of the chest, since the less often the chest, the higher the prey.

how to enlarge hearts

Although there is no specific way to increase the number of hearts you have, there is still a way to temporarily purchase several hearts in the dungeon. You must collect Tarot cards at Claunk to get these temporary cards.


The heart I, the heart II and the heart III are three types of tarot cards that you will find in the dungeon, and they give a half, single and double heart, respectively.

The best card for use is Heart III, as it gives the largest number of hearts of all options and can be bought in a medicinal pool for 100 gold coins.

There are other ways to increase the number of hearts, for example, get blue cards with improving the crown and getting a full heart by improving your character.

Bowling Night Date Review Tinder Disorders

The premise in two parts of date Night Bowling is right there in the title: you go bowling, and you go out together. Developed by Serenity Forge and published by Way Down Deep, Date Night Bowling has its players who are trying to succeed in bowling, a first appointment or both.

When you start the game, you can play alone, against the AI ​​or against a local multiplayer partner. There are ten characters in total including choosing, but you only start with two (Holland and Jasper: we’ll talk about it later).

Each character has a different biography, a personality and style of bowling. You must unlock the rest of the characters by playing them once in solo mode. Once unlocked, you can push them to their dreams of romantic success. You can also adjust minor details like the weight of your bullet and the amount of oil on the track.

Date Night Bowling Review - I Dream of Indie

The first choices I made on Date Night Bowling went wrong. I opened the game for a fun virtual experience of fake bowling by myself and I saw the two unlocked characters. As such, I thought it was my only options in solo mode. I assumed that I had to unlock the rest of the characters in versus IA. This is not the case.

It is not immediately clear that the game directive to know more about each character by playing through his story means that you have to put them in solo mode. Instead, I took Holland and Jasper in mode versus IA, forcing them both in a nightmarish half-life of the marmot day when they must play and flirt with each other for eternity, to finish with my despair as I wonder when I will play them bowling or flirting enough to free myself from my prison of Sisyphus. All this for a weak hope of unlocking a single character!

I may have understood that I was in the wrong fashion earlier if the mini-games often impenetrable had not prevented me from getting a leading score on the very important chemistry counter. We (Me, Holland and Jasper) We went out, being always rewarded for the good chemistry, but never spectacularly, and I stopped thinking it was because I was not better.

I want to love random mini-games, and I appreciate some of them. They take the form of encounters, like listen to your appointment, catch popcorn in your mouth and win a stuffed animal from the claw machine. I’m glad there was such a variety, but I have to constantly read new directions scrolling on the screen and some games were not repeated very often. The controls were as often capricious. Overall, the mini-game sequences seemed somewhat out of my control.

The mechanics of bowling are quite simple, even if I do not understand the spin mechanics in real life. This lack of spin has translated directly from date Night Bowling. Simple instructions assume that their players know how to play virtually. This makes it unusable for me the characters whose rotation skill is limited. It’s disappointing when it comes to mixing and matching characters for spicy dating simulation combos.

The Pixel Art makes the characters and the charming frame, and it’s fun to see how different personalities interact. Unfortunately, Holland and Jasper say about the same four lines throughout. Personally, if I was at a first appointment and that the man with whom I was (named Jasper, love athletics, has a Macklemore haircut with a bonus cattail) told me to Many times that my bowling improved, I would leave bowling with a first-degree murder charge.

I finally understood that I had to play all the characters in solo mode to unlock them. I would have liked not to have to go so far to get This unlocks. The joy in the game is to associate the characters to see their interactions of dialogue, but at that moment, I was exhausted by the number of solo games I had done.

The local multiplayer is where this game should shine, but the mini-games require a level of precision that is not welcoming for newcomers. I played with my girlfriend, and she had too many difficulties with orders to enjoy the elements of the simulation of meetings. For a game that seems designed to be played in short bursts with a partner or a small group of friends, it’s a frustrating functionality.

I wanted to love Night Bowling so much. His Pixel Art is very well done, not to say super cute, and the concept of a meeting simulation combined with a bowling simulation seemed fun and original. My problems with the bowling mechanics, the confusing user interface and the time I spent unlocking the characters have sufficiently harmed the experience so that I can not imagine bringing this game to holidays. There are solid game ideas here, and I hope that the next title of Serenity Forge will bring together all these elements. But for the moment, although Date Night Bowling does not roll full snowballs, it does not launch a strike either.

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