Webzen added ‘Dimensional Arena‘ to the new mobile MMORPG ‘Muorijin 3’, a large -scale PVP (Player vs Player) content. ‘Dimensional Arena’ is a content that can enjoy a three -to -three confrontation, and you can organize a three -person party in advance.

The ‘Dimension Arena’ has been well received by users with more than 1 million battles for two weeks after its launch on April 7. ‘Dimension of the Dimensions’ will be operated by season. After the season, you can earn rewards according to the ranking and the tier achieved.

The game, which is the basis of ‘Muorijin 3’, is ‘Mu Online‘, which was released in 2001 and became popular with the first generation PC MMORPG. ‘Mu Online’ attracted attention by introducing PK (Player Killing) content at that time.

Users in ‘Mu Online’ can enjoy PKs that attack the same user in addition to hunting monsters in the hunting ground. PK users are charged with various penalties such as attacking guards or not being able to use shops. did. Through this, the confrontation between users has become the main feature of ‘Mu Online’.

Since then, Webzen has introduced PK content more actively in the game by launching the PC online game ‘R2’. Webzen operates five siege wars and 18 spots in ‘R2’. If you take the area throughout the spot and the siege, you can earn huge profits by taking taxes. Webzen designed users to participate in large -scale PVP contents so that the purpose of the game is the purpose of the game, which is different from the ‘farming’ content that hunts stronger monsters and gains better items. There is.

Webzen still actively introduces confrontation contents between users and is differentiated from other competitors with the charm of ‘adult games’.

PK is also available in the ‘Mu Arc Angel’ series, which has become a new IP (Intellectual Property) of Webzen. In major contents such as World Boss, they can attack competitive users who hunt the same bosses.

The large -scale siege and spot wars of ‘R2’ were inherited by the successor, MMORPG ‘R2M’. Members of ‘R2M’ can enjoy large -scale PVP content that requires strategic judgment even in the mobile environment.

C9/Webzen/VL's - THE JOKE OF IT ALL! (Banned)

Webzen is speeding up the expansion of confrontation contents among users by launching the new game ‘Muorijin 3’, which was released in March, ‘Arena at the level of the arena’.

An official of Webzen said that it will develop content that members can enjoy more fun through PVP content know -how that has been accumulated for 20 years since the launch of Mu Online.