At first glance, the stranger planet seems to be fine on the foreign planet on which the 2D pixel adventure Lacuna is located. People have found a new home here in the distant future, but not only: they populated various planets in the solar system, built cities and now act cheerfully.

On this foreign home there are markets, bars and various housing estates in which the inhabitants of the planet frolic. Here is clearly shows who belongs to the upper class and accordingly has a good income, and who can hardly afford life there and living in neglected and broken high-rise complexes.

However, the future life only looks so idyllic at first sight. Soon you will be confronted with the merciless reality, and that depends on the profession of our protagonist. As Agent Neil Conrad, member of the government organization CDI, we will be confronted with all sorts of threatening situations and have to deal with the dangerous shadow sides of the seemingly utopian world. Our new order: The foreign minister of a neighboring planet was murdered during a visit to our city.

Table of Contents

  1. 1A Cell for all cases
  2. 2nd time pressure working properly
  3. 3Right or wrong?
  4. 4point & Clicks differently
  5. 5 hose, whoever elongates
  6. 6Lacuna Matata

The already politically tense situation between us and our neighboring vivilization is abruptly irritated. As Conrad, one must now solve a number of tasks to find the Murderer of the Foreign Minister to uncover its motivations, prevent other attacks and finally turning the story to the good.

Exciting: There is no fixed story history. So you do too many mistakes or overlooks important information, it can happen that in the end, the desired result is not achieved and the action does not end as well as hoped for.

A CELL for all cases

Attention: Sometimes you get new information or supposed facts in the course of the case. Then the fall files may need to be adapted, although the conclusions have actually seemed harmoniously to that time. Unfortunately, there is no resolution if the chosen answers are really correct.

work properly under time pressure

Not even reloading would be an option here, which prevents a very narrow carave system. At the same time it also means that one is forced to continue with its decisions in a supposedly false deduction to continue and build on it. And that can be followed by things that turn out to be wrong in retrospect.

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Right or wrong?

Point & Clicks differently

Listen, whoever elongates

This feeling is also supported by the 2D pixel optics. Despite or just because of the pretty easy graphic everything works like a cast. Especially the very individually designed NPCs running around in the background contribute to it; This is a detail that would definitely not have been necessary to massively give the world through its existence to credibility.

And although you can not switch freely between the different areas, the world does not affect segmented, but like a place it could really give. A small criticism besides all the praise: some lettering on scoreboards are not easy to read.

Lacuna Matata

All in all, Lacuna is a coherent and well-functioning adventure that offers a great experience in its almost six hours of playing. Above all, the exciting story and the really impressive atmosphere contribute to one of the excursion in this dystopic sci-fi world remains in memory for a long time after the credits.

Lacuna – A Sci-Fi-Noir adventure has already been published in May 2021 for PC, since December 2021, the title is also available for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and S and the Xbox One.

My opinion

Vonrebecca Herrmann


A beautiful and consistent detectiv adventure

The most beautiful games are those of whom you did not expect anything and then pulling them all the more in their spell. That’s how it happened to me with Lacuna. I did not know anything about the adventure, but after a few minutes, the story, the great atmosphere and the simple, but nevertheless drafted a varied game principle in her spell. It probably speaks for the quality of a game, if, despite a growling stomach, you have to be forced by the colleagues for a lunch break because you want to “find out only quickly, who is now the killer, even takes a pier or something. No, that’s why Lacuna is not perfect, it’s not very short, it’s very short and whether you find it well that you never sure know if a decision made was right or wrong, is definitely taste matter. Nevertheless, or just because of that: I will keep Lacuna in memory for a long time – and I’ll go back to his gloomy world without any question.

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