The game company, which was impressed at the Google Indie Game Festival (Indie PE), which was held on the 3rd, was an IM game that was TOP 3 with ‘Greater’. ‘Gritter’ solved the rules that they quickly touched the big numbers into the game. Especially impressive was the graphic element. If Apple had developed the game, I was impressed that it would not have been solved this way. It was a good sense of removing unnecessary things and raising what is needed.

The sense of development of I’m games appeared from the parent company Impinge. I’m Pine is an agency that creates interactive content using digital technology. In the past, the Blue House and Samsung were presented with various digital visual contents. Naturally, the know-how has been accumulated in the visual experience delivery technology, and it is included in the game. The background of the TOP 3 indeed was not just lucky for beginners.

I’m Game is a four-person development organization. Kim Look-see, a developer of Kim Look-see, Kim Byung-soo, and Jung Jae-won, who made the team, worked with Kim Pantheon. Unity engines were used for game development. The peculiarity is that Unity is an engine that expands its versatility from the game to industrial purposes. On the other hand, I’m games were used for industrial use first.

Programmer Kim Kwangju Pro expressed his puzzles rather than joy at the time of selecting the Google Indeed TOP 3. It was a reaction of ‘How are we?’ Kim Kwangju Pro said, We didn’t have a game without worrying, but I was embarrassed by the achievements because we thought our concerns were relatively small compared to our competitors.

Kim June, the team leader, cited the confidence of development as a result of the top three selection. I personally made a game, but for the first time, I was not sure about development, he said. He added, So, the top three selection itself is the biggest harvest that has given us confidence, and it has become the driving force for the future.

Google Indeed TOP 10 Game Company offers a variety of publicity opportunities, and TOP 3 game companies give additional benefits. Kim Look-see said that the biggest benefit is that the game itself is known. At the time of Indeed, the ‘Greater’ download was about 100 times. Most of the judges downloaded. After the TOP 3 benefits, it went up to 4,000 times. I think that if I hadn’t benefited from Google, the game itself would have disappeared.

The game ‘Greater’ is a game that started with Kim Kwangju’s professional idea. Kim Byung-soo Pro was concerned about an easy and simple game that his mother could play. As her mother was Onset, she lost her ability and quickness, and she found a game that could be simple, but she felt less access and usability because of the complex graphics and functions. Kim Kwangju Pro embodied the idea of popping and popping up quickly in search of a large number, and combined the powerful visual experience accumulated in Impinge.

Kim Look-see, the team leader, explained that the ‘Greater’ graphic features △ Visit to the user △ deploy what is important in order. The main information in the game was also careful to be placed where the user’s eyes stayed.

The current goal of I’m game is survival. There is a goal to achieve results during the period of I’m Pine. Kim Look-see, the team leader, said, There is no room to make long-term plans yet. There is.

As an indie game company, publicity was selected as a difficulty. Kim Look-see, the team leader, said, One of the acquaintances left the game to create a game, but no one didn’t know the game. We also had no choice but to make the game by making the game, he said.

I’m Game aims to be a game factory that avoids Apical. Kim Look-see, the team leader, said, You can try a lot in three months to develop a game. did. I want to develop fast and diverse, but I want to be a pretty, fun and creative game factory.