One of the key advantages of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax produced on the PC is the ability to a network game. But there were huge problems with the invitation of friends play the game for some players. It would seem that it should be easy to invite a friend to play the game through Steam, but the players report problems with the receipt of invitations or accession to the lobby with a steam overlay.

To solve the problem with the invitation of friends, instead you have to use Create a room feature. To do this, go to Network and select Player Match . Select the name that the friend knows you want to invite, set capacity by the number of friends you want to invite, and set the number Private slots to zero. Then select “Create a room” at the top.

Then ask your friend to find the room. To do this, select “Search Rooms” in the “Match Players” options. Be sure to change Capacity in the search to the same as the room you created. This is important, since sometimes the game crashes if you do not apply any search parameters. You should be able to join the game through it.

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Another way is to copy the link from the section “Join the game” in Overlee Steam. To do this, press SHIFT + Table and click the image of your profile. Right-click your own green icon “Join the game” and select Copy link . Then send this link to your friend and ask him to go through it to join your game.

Ultimately, these methods are bypassing paths for the problems that we hope will be solved in the near future. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is an incredible game for online game, but she needs a small help to make a connection more smooth.

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