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On the 24th, the new area of the new area will be held on the 24th.

Hoyo Bus will be updated on Wonsin 3.0 on the 24th.

In the 3.0 version of ‘Thousand Roses that reveals the dawn’, the fourth region ‘Sumer’ will be released, and the full element and the new play character ‘Tinari’ and ‘Colley’ will appear. Sumer, on the west side of Liwol, consists of two areas of rainforests and deserts, and can explore several settlements, including dense rainforests and Ormos ports.


At the same time, it is possible to play using the new element, ‘Pool Element’. Pool elements interact with fire, water, and lightning, resulting in combustion, flowering and intensity reactions. When the full element interacts with the water element, one or more prokaryotic is generated by flowering and causes delayed explosion damage to the enemy. Subsequently, in contact with a fire or lightning element before an explosion of the prokaryotic, it causes a full-fledged reaction that produces a speech reaction that causes a full element damage or a fantasy bullet that tracks nearby enemies.

Two full element characters also appear. Tinari, a new five-star character, is a warm-hearted boy scholar and a forest patrol hall, which is specialized in a serial attack that inflicts the full element damage several times. His disciple, Colley, is a limited 4-star character that can be recruited when the 3.0 version of the main season event concentric pieces can be completed.

In addition, you can meet Tinari, Colley, Palm, etc. in the first half of the event.

In addition, new tools for logging, cooking, and fishing are added, such as the Wood King’s Protection, Express Heating Lamp Prototype, and Fishing Line Stabilization.

Finally, the future update schedule has been released. From version 3.0 to 3.2, it usually runs every five weeks ahead of six weeks. The 3.0 version is August 24, 3.1 is September 28, and 3.2 is November 2. The crew mentioned that it pulled the update cycle and did not reduce the content volume. Finally, 3.3 returns every six weeks and will be released on December 7.

For more information, please visit the official cafe.

Fans are impressed at the initial multiplayer map in CoD: Modern Warfare 2- Even Formula 1

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 offered the very first multiplayer map of the shooter published in October 2022 in the trailer. They even motivate Formula 1 followers.

The release of COD: Modern Warfare 2 is getting more detailed and even the beginning day of the beta is now recognized. The players have so much had to wait for a first insight into the multiplayer maps of the shooter. Currently a trailer appeared that presents the initial MW2 multiplayer map.

** What sort of map is this?

The city course does not show up in its typical shape in the trailer, however shows indicators of devastation, as you can expect on a code map.

In addition to the pit lane (min 00:18), in which there is even an automobile (minute 00:25), we also see component of the map that is not outdoors on the track, however in a building (minute 00:24).

What does the trailer program? The trailer reveals various viewpoints on the map. Currently at minute 00:03 we catch a rough summary of the Grand Prix from an enhanced placement.

A video camera trip adheres to that moves us past a racing cars and truck towards a blazing fire as well as tires existing on the track (minute 00:06). We see an area of the route from the side while the auto racing cars and trucks warm over the asphalt (min 00:12).


As a F1 and COD follower, I’m completely thrilled!

The like details of the declarations made likewise reveal that the analysts pointed out by us are not the only one with their viewpoints. Braeden Johnson received 627 sort (as of August 8, 1:00 p.m.). Aqua Sasaki (658 Likes), The Forty-Seven Times (245 Likes) and also SQWeepsyt (596 Likes) were additionally popular.

What do you consider the passages displayed in the new map? Do you already feel like playing it or do you find a Formula 1 path as a COD map instead unacceptable? Please create it right here on meinmmo in the comments!

Incidentally, Meinmmo author Maik Schneider thinks that Modern Warfare 2 should discover something from Warzone to be a total success.

What do the players say? The players seem to have a favorable impact in the discuss YouTube of the sequences shown. The MAP was particularly well obtained by CoD players that are also Formula 1 followers.

  • Braeden Johnson: As a large F1 follower, this card looks extraordinary.
  • Aqua Sasaki: I think it’s wonderful that also the Formula 1 vehicles are really outlined.
  • The Forty-Seven Times: Even if the card should not play well, it still looks incredible.
  • SQWEEPSYT: They really used the Singapore general practitioner for a COD map? As a F1 and COD fan, I’m entirely thrilled!

One point has to take control of Modern Warfare 2 from Warzone-then it will be the bang of the year

** Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 provided the very first multiplayer map of the shooter published in October 2022 in the trailer. Currently a trailer showed up that presents the very first MW2 multiplayer map.

** The trailer shows various perspectives on the map. The MAP was particularly well received by CoD gamers that are additionally Formula 1 followers.

Do you already feel like playing it or do you find a Formula 1 course as a COD map instead inappropriate?

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