As one of the national RPGs representing Japan, “Dragon Quest” (hereinafter referred to as Dorakue) series continues to be loved for many years. A number of masterpieces have been created in a three-year-long history of the same name released in May 1986.

This popular series is a single piece of number of numbers alone, but a unique wall clock that can grasp the history of such “Dorakue” with a glance was published in Twitter and collected great attention.

The center of the published image is a simple analog wall clock with only a longitle, short -leweight, second hand. However, unique things are placed instead of the dial, and it is a guide that indicates time.

It was chosen as a substitute for the dial, the successive “Dorakue” works, which are each placed on the pedestal on the circumference. The first “Dragon Quest” and 2 o’clock “Dragon Quest II Dance of Dragon Quest II Dance of Dragon Quest II Dance” in the 1 o’clock direction, and the numbering works are arranged in the form of a dial. For example, if a short needle points to the “Dragon Quest VI Phantom Earth”, you can see “6 o’clock or” at a glance.

It is “Pa” (@dqaka_pupupusun) that has attracted interests that collected interest, but that his son produced the wall clock. When the image containing this wall clock was released on Twitter, more than 195,000 “Like”, many people, such as, so many people are I sent a praise.

It will be repeated, but the “Dorakue” numbered title of the released is the 11th at this stage. Therefore, there is still a number of numbers that fill in the direction of 12 o’clock, and now there is a blank of the number of numbers.

It was popular and became popular and was popular “Dragon Quest Heroes Dark Dragon and World Tree Castle” and “Dragon Quest Heroes II Twins King and Prophecy End”. It seems that “12” is expressed by arranging the first and second work of the “Heroes” series.

This two works are also great games, but this latest work will be colored again with the latest work, with the “Dragon Quest XII” Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire Fate of Late Destiny “under intensive development.

We asked “Pa” of the Lord who showed this image on TwitTE this time, and I visited some of the stories about the wall clock and “Dorakue”. Please see one end of the figure that loves the favorite name series with your family.

教 Please let me know if there is an evaluation when submitting “Dorakue Watch” as an issue.

“Pa”: I closed the design and production process and submitted with a photo, but it seems that the reaction was thin. But when I bring my friend to my house, everyone stands in front of the clock and looking at the pokan to look up at the huge monitor (laughs). The response of adults was more than the child than children. Everyone is taking a picture and returned (laughs).

──息子さんたちも、時計に並んでいるドラクエ作品をプレイされているのでしょうか。 If so, how are you entertained?

“Pa”: I’m playing. But because the NES main unit has become useless with a typhoon for a few years, “I” to “IV” have become an interior that can not play. It is a three brothers, but it is a lively adventure that it is neither nervous.

── What works are Dorakue for your family?

“Pa”: Dragon Quest for us to learn a lot, and is part of the life that further deepened the family’s bond. “I” ~ “V” is a thing that is acquired from my father, so I want to transfer all to my son someday.