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Netmarble said that Netmarble F & A subsidiary metabus entertainment has attracted its investment of 200 billion won from Hyundai Group Zero (ZER01NE) (ZER01NE) 2 funds and attracted the investment of 2 billion won. Digital Human, which is being developed by metaverse entertainment by this agreement, collaborates with Hyundai Motor Group.

Digital Human Rina, which is a metaverse entertainment, is active in the instant complex, Tank, and the like, and the company has entered a contract with the Trading Agency on the 29th.

The four-member girl group consisting of Digital Human, such as Jenna and Shi, debut this year with K-POP Virtual Idol to target the global market. Metabus entertainment creates a worldview and character, and cacao entertainment is responsible for entertainment and global infrastructure.

The metabus entertainment established by Netmarble F &N is established by virtual reality platform development and virtual idol management.

Based on the current block chain technology, it is developing a platform that has a game, digital human, entertainment, content (webtoon, web novel), and commerce, etc., and the metabus technology is a facility metabus VFX lab in the first half.

The Zero Won 2-jerd, who attracted the investment, is a fund that invests in a company with innovation technology and creative ideas. Hyundai Motor, Kia, and Hyundai Cha Securities are investing in each, and operate funds. Group companies, including Hyundai Mobis, Auto Ever and Inno, and Industrial Bank, Shinhan Bank, etc. participated as investors.