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Chernobylisa Valval RPG “Chernobylite” Domestic PS4 / Xbox ONE version delivery started. Explore devastated entrance ban areas after nuclear accident

Polish Publisher All In! Games announced January 26, and announced that the PS4 / Xbox ONE distribution of “CherNobylite” was started. It also supports Japanese, and the price is 3750 yen. The PC version (Steam / / Epic Games Store) has already been delivered in July 2021 and has acquired “very popular” in STeam’s user review.

The “Chernobylite” developed by the Farm 51 is a first-person persimmon SF survival horror RPG, which is the stage of the Chernobili’s entry-prohibited area of ​​3D scan and created. In this work, the famous spots of Chernobili are reproduced, and the radar tower “Duga”, the Plypyach amusement park, and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant are present in the map.

Physicist Igors working at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station will come back to Ukraine’s Plipych, to find out the way of his fiancee, which has been erased 30 years ago. Collect friends in this place that became a banned area after nuclear accident and confronts the trace of the fiancee, such as a paranobrite and creature with the “Chernoblight” which is a military organization or a mysterious object that is a mysterious object, and follows the trace of the fiancee. I will clear the secret.

Also, in this work, the story branches by selecting a player. While advancing the devastated map, do not believe that one or how to use resources, how do you try to fight? Various choices will affect the story and fellow preference.

Base construction and crafts are also important factors to survive harsh land. The base of the base is necessary to make a daily strategy. As a basic game flow, we move from the base to each map and do a mission. You can collect materials falling on the map, create facilities for weapons and remodeling, and fell a fellow diet, and create tools, traps, weapons, etc.

According to Publisher, PS4 version, Xbox ONE version purchaser is scheduled to be upgraded to next-generation models free of charge at the time of release at the Xbox series S / X, PS5 scheduled for the lower half of this year. matter. Also, it is said that six DLC delivery including pay and free for the next 12 months. Various elements such as new missions, creatures, weapons, and game modes are added to DLC.

“Chernobylite” is distributed at PS4, Xbox One for 3750 yen. The PC version delivered in advance is 3699 yen in the Steam / Epic Games store, and is now available at $ 23.99 of 20% off at a regular price of $ 29.99.

Peter Wright wins Darts World Cup

Peter Wright (birthed 10 March 1970) is a Scottish professional darts player who plays in competitions of the Professional Darts Corporation. He is presently ranked the globe No. 2 like Merit, and is the present Globe Match play Champion. He likewise won the 2020 PDC World Darts Championship. Although Wright was largely raised in England, he picks to represent the nation of his birth. Before ending up being an expert darts player, Wright was a tire fitter.
He is recognized for his Mohican hairstyle, which alters color each event and also is developed by his wife, a hairdresser. His label, Snakebite, is obtained from the designs his other half adds, and not from the snakebite beverage: I much like snakes.

BOILING OVER! ???? | Peter Wright and Adrian Lewis CLASH at the Players Championship Finals

Late Sunday evening, the former world champion won the nickname Snakebite the final of the Players Championship Finals in Mine head against the Englishman Ryan Earle at 11:10. Wright has thus recorded the most prize money of all darts professionals in the calendar year 2021 to date. Nevertheless, when number one in the world, the Welsh defending champion BERWYN PRICE starts in the Alexandra Palace. The World Cup (December 15 to January 3, 2022) is drawn on Monday evening, four German participants are already fixed. Gabriel Clemens is one of the sets, next to it also Martin Schindler and the two debutants Florian Hempen and Fabian dirtier made the qualification.

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