Genshin Impact’s update 3.0 approaches and, as usual; Mihoyo offers us to download the resources of this update in advance through a previous download available a few days before the official launch.

As with previous previous downloads, The versions for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and PC can access this function. Perhaps the PlayStation version is entitled to it someday, who knows? Meanwhile, we tell you how this predescarga works.

When can the data of Vershin Impact’s version?

Even if you have to wait until Wednesday to play this new update, you candownload the necessary resources in advance, as of today. *

How previously discharge Genshin’s impact update on the PC?

To continue with this previous download on the PC, an option will be specified directly through a button in the game initiator . Keep in mind that you can still play if you previously download the update data.

How previously discharge Genshin’s impact update on your mobile?

To continue with this previous download, you mustaccess the option to download previously the resource package available in the Paimon Menu configuration * or on the icon in the lower left part of the connection menu.


Now you are ready to discover and conquer the Sumeru region, which is one of the most anticipated contents for a long time for the Mihoyo game. His best stings are the nature of his environments and especially the available possibilities thanks to the dendro element, which can be played by the 5-star rarity character Tightnari, as well as his student Collei, which will be free through the main event of this new version.