A few days ago, Shinji Miami announced his retirement from the video game industry, passing in the coming months, the baton of his leadership to the new generations that are part of Tango Game works, owned by Bethesda and therefore, of Microsoft.
Without a doubt, the digital leisure sector would not be the same without the presence of the renowned designer.
Mr. Miami failed to fulfill his childhood dream regarding formula 1, however, used love for horror movies and his passion for karate to incorporate them in a certain way throughout his creative career
In the world of video games.
Fortuity, Shinji Miami went to a work fair in a renowned hotel, which was mentioned in a pamphlet that a friend presented him.
In this event, it was where he could talk with Nintendo and Cap com executives, opting for the second to start his work career.

In her passage through the producing house of Street Fighter, Miami made her pinnies with Disney’s Aladdin until she consecrated with titles that revolutionized the market as Resident Evil and Resident Evil 4, in addition to Dino Crisis.
He was also able to conceive of God Hand, a game that in his time went unnoticed but is a true work of art.
Upon arriving at Platinum Games, he tried luck with Vanquish, giving a frantic action and shots game, while participating in a collaboration with Suda51 to produce Shadows of the Damned, the crazy adventure of García Hot spur a Mexican demon hunter that goes to the underworld
To save your true love.
Finally, it was the incorporation of Shinji Miami to Tango Game works where his leadership and experience were reflected in the two deliveries of The Evil Within, Ghost wire: Tokyo and of course, the recent and successful Hi-fi Rush.
The unknown is if the Evil Within 3 was in the inkwell or if there are other projects in which the multi-closed developer could have had influence, but that have not yet been announced.


The legacy that Shinji Miami has left is very much and served as a starting point for various productions to be a source of inspiration for other colleagues and made a hole in the golden pages of the video game industry.
It will be interesting to know which practices will launch Hiroshi Yoko ta, current Tango Game works leader, not only to preserve but continue with the inheritance of Miami San.