The brand-new Season 11 of The Division 2 is online.
There is a brand-new manhunt as well as some fresh devices.
You can discover here what the new season has to supply and also just how it will certainly continue in the next few months.
The Season 11 from The Department browsed the web on February 27 with lots of hold-up and update anxiety.


The loot shooter only obtains little focus.
In the meanwhile, the additional development was even stopped.
That is why the web content bundles are rather little, yet a minimum of there is something:
Season 11
Fresh manhunt over the next couple of weeks
2 brand-new exotics
1 Equipment collections/ 1 fire set
4 called components
Quality-of-life changes
New Season Pass
We briefly introduce you to the new web content together with the Roadmap from Season 11. You can see the trailer of the brand-new season here:

The Department 2: Content Season 11

What remains in the season?
You will certainly be provided with 4 new opponents in the following few weeks to finish up searching the new Riesling Stovepipe.
Till May 2023, there is always a brand-new manhunt objective.
In gameplay, organization as well as enhancement events run as typical while.
Here is the roadmap:
Season 11 is a little more sponger when it involves new devices.
There are also 2 new exotics-a tool and an armor part:
Bioweapon: sacrum realm
Headshot kills from marked opponents offer you Movement-Speed (30 secs of cools).
More headshot kills lower the cobble time.
Ex knapsack: Ninja bike Carrier Bag.
Counts as part of a produced Equipment set-can also count for 2 collections at the very same time.
In addition to that, there are 2 brand-new sets for your arsenal:.
Gear collection: Professional.
Concentrate on Marksman-Riffles: Numerous headshots Hinter Andes boost your worth.
Backpack buff: You can miss a headshot and also the headshot streak proceeds.
Brand set: Habsburg Guard a.k.a.
Piece-Boni: Headshots, Marksman-Rail, Status Effects.
Called bust shield: reasons condition impacts.
Called backpack: can disperse condition results.

There are still 2 new, named weapons:.
Headshot kills make certain assured, vital headshots hits.
Headshot eliminates ensure guaranteed, vital headshots hits.
There were additionally some equilibrium adjustments for existing equipment.
Have a look at the English patch notes if you intend to get much deeper using
The reactions to the Season 11 are blended.
Under the tweet with the announcement (via, some gamers enjoy, others complain about troubles in the video game as well as talk that The Division 2 accidents a increasing number of on PCs.
There are also some users who celebrate the brand-new Equipment and also Brand collections.
But they do not even recognize where to place right stuff.
A bigger inventory is required here, since or else such components can rarely be gathered if you already have a vast inventory of weapons and also equipment.
@Mindstrike creates: With these new sets… there is an opportunity that you give us more room in the inventory/bank?.
Allow us also have your point of view on the Season 11 as well as compose a comment on the topic.
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