To survive in an aggressive atmosphere, nothing beats good tools and also good tools.
In Boys of the Forest, the recycler Dear is a vital and also particularly intriguing device.

It enables the seabed extra easily to locate sources as well as access essential places.
But before you can make use of it, you still have to go for it trying to find it.

Where to discover the recycler Dear?

The cave where the shovel lies north of the map, near a prospective point of the Apparition throughout the Lavion crash.
Slow is fortified with yellow barrels that are simple to ruin.
Exploration is easier with a source of light and calls for a particular care.
Opponents are hidden from the end as well as they are not necessarily apparent to shoot down at the beginning of the game.


The Dear recycler is at the base of the cavern, constantly adhering to the left path.
When in your possession, it is possible to utilize to breathe much longer in underwater areas.
This permits the midsts of depths a lot more openly as lengthy as you are not thalassophobic.
The Dear recycler is made use of over all to advance the background of Children of the Woodland, with locations inaccessible without its aid.
It is much better to remain careful, numerous creatures live in the waters.