Have you ever heard about the phrase be careful with what you want?
Helen was thrown in the head to the world of spies in True Lies Season 1, Episode 1 after complaining that her husband was too common and had become bored.
Harry, who according to all reports is an intrepid spy, was baffled by the idea that his wife thought he was cheating so much that he gave up the pressure he ended up putting his wife in danger.
It would be difficult to review this program without comparing it with the film on which it is based.
The original film was starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis such as Harry and Helen Tasked, respectively.
Although the events are different in the program and the film, they are similar in terms of the occupations of the male protagonist and the couples in crisis.

The film was a product of his time with some representations of his female characters, which we would now consider discolored.
However, it was fun, he had some lessons and most importantly, there were explosions.
The premiere episode was the first opportunity to cause a good impression on the spectator with the hope that it would return, and it would not be exaggerated to say that it caused a good impression.
First, the program undo the sin of the film by balancing the screen time and the representation of Helen and Harry.
Harry came out like a loving husband and father who had become accustomed to juggling with two lives so that he couldn’t…