Sons of the Forest is currently in early access in Steam and actively dominate the lists.
Acting as the sequel to the innovative horror and survival game The Forest, the players travel to an island infested from cannibals where you must save a millionaire.
To help you in this fight, players will have to depend largely on exploration and, at the same time, make each resource count.


This includes weapons with greater firepower, such as the shotgun.
So, here is how to get the shotgun inside Sons of the Forest.

Location of the Sons of the Forest shotgun

As it was implied, weapons are not the easiest to find in Sons of the Forest.
To really find the shotgun, the players will look for a very specific burial plot.
As shown below, the tomb has a cross, with a piece of attached red cloth.
However, since it must be taken out of a hole, players must grab the shovel from a well.

A guide for that can be found here.
Image source: screenshot through End night Games
After this, to find the grave itself, players must use the GPS to mark the coast near the lower end of the map.
It should be noted that it is better to practice caution in the horror of survival and even more with the cannibals, so it only tries to be aware.
Once you reach the grave, use the shovel to dig up a skeleton that holds a shotgun.
Recognize it and see the city pieces of your enemies.
There are a lot of options in terms of weapons in Sons of the Forest, but this is how to find the shotgun in the game.
Although it is currently only in Steam, it is expected to eventually reach consoles in the future.
Therefore, every time readers get into the car, do not hesitate to consult one of our many practical guides about Sons of the Forest, for example, how to manufacture technological armor in the game.
It is strongly recommended to explore again, but it is very easy to get lost, so guides like this that help navigate are very useful.
Anyway… Happy Hunt!
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