With the Vulcan II Max, Rocket has its most recent video gaming keyboard available.
Mango editor Benedict Schliemann had the ability to examine the keyboard.


Is the follower to the preferred keyboard series worth?
The basics briefly:
The Rocket Vulcan II Max is the successor to the Rocket Vulcan 121. The style continues to be the same, however a great deal adjustments under the secrets.
With 229 euros, the video gaming keyboard is based upon the upper cost variety.
You will currently obtain the predecessor (February 2023) for around 100 euros.
The processing and also the optical switches can convince in the examination, I locate some design choices instead doubtful.
Which keyboard is it?
The Vulcan series is possibly one of the best-known products from the German maker Rocket.
The gaming keyboards depend on a striking design, vivid RGB lighting and also in-house titanium changes under the key caps.
I was now able to try the new version of the Vulcan with the Vulcan II Max.
Does the keyboard still really feel as well as so much better and even better?
Nevertheless, Vulcan 121 is the finest gaming keyboard in everyday life for me, aside from the abdominal muscle switch caps.
Thus far, the trendy style and the good Titan changes from Rocket have just provided me an almost excellent combination.
You can review my experiences as well as my verdict in this short article as well as I describe whether the keyboard is rewarding, especially for people that think regarding an upgrade.
Features and technological details:

scope of style, shipment and framework

What does the scope of shipment appear like?
In enhancement to the keyboard, there is a hand bale support and also a manual in the box.
There are no more benefits, such as sticker labels.
How is the keyboard built?
The keyboard comes in the popular full-size layout with 104 buttons.
As a reward, there are 3 media buttons and a steering wheel on top right, over the number block.
The keyboard depends on an open design: the key caps are rather tiny as well as slim contrasted to various other makers, that makes you clear view of the body and the switches under the keys.
To my surprise, the keyboard requires 2 USB links to your computer system.

In comparison to the Racer Black widow V4 Pro, which likewise requires 2 USB connections, you do not get a devoted USB link on the keyboard (USB-Passthough) at Vulcan II Max.
I find that little as well as annoying sensible.


The keyboard counts on a stable housing made of combed lightweight aluminum.
Not just does that appearance truly stylish, otherwise it also feels perfect.
The hand bale assistance is constructed from rubber and has an unusual chemical odor for the very first few days.
This vaporizes after a couple of days.
The edition really feels important as well as secure as well as can be conveniently attached to the keyboard.
Nonetheless, I am hesitant of just how long the rubber model lasts.
Soft plastic has the negative aspect of coming to be weak as well as at some time to damage.
With the essential caps, Rocket remains to establish abdominal muscles buttons.
A fact that I locate really an embarrassment, given that ABS switches from my own experience quickly wear out.
After simply a couple of days, the keys look oily as well as unclean, which I discover really irritating.
Rocket depends on the common cross switches.
So in theory, you can mount PBT essential caps from other producers on the keyboard.
The cool and also special design of the keyboard is lost.
The thick wire is strongly attached to the keyboard as well as in addition to that quite inflexible.
Other makers such as Racer or Steel series now depend on mostly all the cables that are at pricey keyboards.
Even other Rocket keyboards currently had detachable cables.
If there is a damaged cable, I can at the very least change the cable.
In the initial couple of days, I had a quiet squeak in some tricks when printing the switches.
That has disappeared at some factor, or I simply do not observe it any longer.

software program

Rocket Swarm is made use of as software program.
This allows all vital setups to be made and programs macros or establishing up the lights.
The profiles can additionally be safeguarded in the keyboard memory.
If you want to use the full level of the keyboard, you require the software program.
The software is a bit complicated, however functions without any type of problems.
Similar to the rocket mice, there is once more the Easy shift function.
You can use the FN trick to double various other keys or use specific feature tricks.
That can be rather sensible.
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