Steffen Rampart was not only annoyed by the first house loss in 2023, the performance of referee Frank Wallenberg additionally caused a shake of the head at the instructor of 1. FC Cologne.


Whatever bothered him from Willing, said Rampart after the 0: 2 (0: 1) against VFL Wolfsburg: There were currently some things that frustrated me.
Rampart specified: It was the look to be the habits and choices in the changing video game that can be viewed as a tactical foul.
The trainer added somewhat to ensure that he recognized that he was an extremely psychological fitness instructor and perhaps not the ideal behavior for one or the other.
Midfielder Dean Juridic also defined Wallenberg’s management as poor.
The referee whistled against us in all 50: 50 decisions, stated the Austrian.
That alone was not the reason for the defeat, highlighted Rampart.
It was his work to reveal the group ways to ensure that there is a danger of scoring against deep challengers.
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This is bitterly essential: FC has remained without its own hits in 4 of the previous 5 video games, Perfume is presently twelfth.

Specifically, the weak yield of the opponents is worried.
The last striker objective of the Perfume group scored Steffen Tinges at the angry 7-1 versus Welder Bremen, which was 5 weeks earlier.