The presence of a full fire brigade in Destiny 2 is a luxury and even a need for some actions.
Raids cannot be passed alone, so if you do not have five other friends who are ready, you will need to find a group for a raid.
Since Destiny 2 currently does not have a group searching function, players used Discord servers and other websites to collect their team of six people.
However, everything changes when a battle group’s search engine appears in Destiny 2.
Here is an explanation of the search engine of the combat group in Destiny 2 and how to use it.


What is a means of searching for a combat group in Destiny 2?

Fire team Finder is an in-game group search function, which was first announced on the Nightfall and the Year Ahead blog.
Search for a fighting group allows players to organize battle groups and join them, finding perfect options for their group in Destiny 2. Do not need to use third-party programs to search for teammates, now they can find groups through Destiny 2. The players asked Bungee for years to implement
This function, since solo-players have long felt deprived, unable to join the magic of multi-user games.
Like raids.

How to use a search engine of a combat group in Destiny 2?

When you open a combat group search, you have a choice.
Firstly, you can organize a group by attracting other players to your activity.
If you are a solitary player who wants to join a partially filled group, you can instead find a combat group that you like and fill one of the places in the group.
As a creator of a public combat group, you can decide whether players can freely join it.
If you are afraid of potential teammates, you can approve or reject each player separately.
If you are not worried about potential teammates, you can automatically allow players to join your combat group.
The search for a combat group also allows you to indicate your qualifications and team preferences in the description of the combat group.
If you are looking for a random, cheerful experience, you can designate this with the help of keywords of the combat group.
If you want to collect a competitive, hardcore team, you can also indicate these preferences using keywords.

The operation of the battle group will be released after the Nightfall complement, closer to the end of 2023.
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