The balance of SC Paderborn in the new year promotes itself.
Due to the youngest three points in the Fulminant 4: 3 in Hanover, the points of the East Westphalia points in the brand-new year stays perfect.
From the visitors’ viewpoint, it had actually not started against the 2019 Bundesliga transfer.
After only 4 minutes the SCP was 0: 2 behind after 96 opponents Cedric Teacher had attained the fastest double pack of the 2nd division history.
In the beginning I felt like I remained in the wrong film, said Paderborn’s coach Lukas Kwasniok at journalism conference after the encounter and emphasized that he would have liked to do without the very first 4 minutes.
No wonder of their team functioned as incomplete and prone to the defensive at the beginning.

What the team offered after the deficit was worth all honors.

Lukas Kwasniok
However the visitors shook themselves and played ahead.
What the team offered after the deficit was worth all honors.
Of course, Robert Lei pert’s (6th) fast objective played his team in the cards, explained Kwasniok, who was enabled to observe that Paderborn was gradually found in the game.
We have actually stayed patient. We got the game better and better under control.
The invoice then culminated in the charge, the Captain the development somewhat happy-outdated (23rd).
Muslim transformed and catapulted the SCP into the ideal track.
I believe that is definitely deserved to go 2-2 into the half-time break, said Kwasniok, whose eleven lastly set the course for the away win after the change of sides.

Ruhr and Cont eh play the video game as an honorable joker

The fact that you might turn the skewer was likewise due to the 2 replacements of Kwasniok, who had brought the preparer for Later 3: 2 (56.) in Maximilian Ruhr and in Sir lord Cont eh to the initial choice (72nd).
Hanover’s Hair (83rd) goal was no longer able to influence the game sustainably.
I think that we will, should have the winner’s winner, stated Kwasniok.
The only downside from the Paderborn’s point of view stayed the substitution of Kai Flemish, who had got a blow quickly prior to the half-time break, and after that stayed in the cabin for the restart.

Paderborn is the group of the hour

From the peaceful promo prospect, the numbers now read incredibly.


For the minute, the SCP not just has the best offensive in the league, but also the very best objective distinction together with leader Darmstadt.
In the table, too, it is likewise the first place for the time being, Kaiserslautern would have to win on St. Pauli on Sunday (1.30 p.m., live! At ) to move previous Paderborn again.
In the next week there will be a direct battle of the table next-door neighbors, on Friday (6.30 p.m.) Paderborn has the Red Devil.