Home News of Games Regained, Regidrago and Flavor found in Pokémon Go Data mine
That Pokédex is starting to get heavy!
A new Pokémon Go season is just around the corner and the players are eager to discover which new Pokémon makes their way to the AR game.
While every new season will surely present new forms of Pokémon, Ni antic rarely reveals too much before launch.
However, some enthusiastic players could not support anticipation and discovered some potential details about which Pokémon will reach the mobile application.
It seems that some Pokémon GO data miners have discovered three new ways that come to the game.
A new Tweet from a group of data miners known as Pokemineros has shared some assets discovered during the data extraction from the game files.
According to the assets, Pokémon Go is preparing to present Regained, Regidrago and Flavor on their list.
In addition, its brilliant variations have also been discovered in the data mine.

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The Introduction of Regained and Regidrago would complete the legendary Pokémon Titan for the mobile game.


These two would join rule, regime and registered presented above.
Meanwhile, Flavor is an evolution of Scythe when he was introduced to the Black Auguries found in His.
Of course, Ni antic has stayed…