Are you yearning for a more suitable voice for your character in Hogwarts Legacy?
Fortunately, Avalanche Software’s action and adventures gives players the possibility of customizing the attributes of his character, including his voice, but only to some extent.
That said, we will show you how you can customize the voice of your character in Hogwarts Legacy according to your taste.

How to change your voice after starting the game at Hogwarts Legacy

While Hogwarts Legacy allows you to select any tone of voice in the early stages, unfortunately you cannot change the tone of voice once the game begins.
Fortunately, you can adjust your character’s tone, which will deeply affect how your character’s voice sounds in the game.
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Follow these steps to change the tone of Hogwarts Legacy:
Start the game on your device.
Go to the main menu.
Go to the configuration.
Go to the Audio Options tab.
Show down to find the tone option.
Use the sliding control to change the character’s tone.
Apply the changes and return to the game.

In case you suffer the infamous robotic voice error in Hogwarts Legacy, unfortunately, you cannot do anything to solve it apart from changing the tone of voice.
With luck, developers recognize this problem in the patch of the first day that will be launched on February 10.
In addition to the tone of voice, players can customize the color of the eyebrows, the color of the eyes, the color of the hair, the hairstyle, the complexion and other attributes of the character even after starting the game.
However, they must follow a different process to change the appearance.
Fortunately, we also have a guide dedicated to the same.
There you have it.
That is all you need to know about changing the character’s voice after starting the game at Hogwarts Legacy.
Be sure to consult the rest of our Hogwarts Legacy coverage below.
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