There are many secondary missions to complete at Hogwarts Legacy.
Most of them are brief and sweet, but often provide some interesting rewards, and we definitely recommend doing as many as you can.
Here it is explained how to complete the ghost secondary mission of our love at Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy’s love ghost guide

The ghost secondary mission of our love will automatically unlock as you play the main story of Hogwarts Legacy.
As long as you follow the markers of the main story, you will eventually have the task of helping Scope to investigate a cave, and you will find a map that triggers the beginning of Ghost of Our Love.
This mission forces you to locate a bridge with floating candles.
All you have to do is travel quickly to the flame Flu of the forest forbidden and wait until dusk or night.
Image source: WB games through
Once it darkens, you should see some floating candles near the bridge, as shown in screen capture below.
Image source: WB games through
Lanka Lumps, then follow the candles, since they will take you to the forbidden forest, revealing a secret place for an appointment.
Once you have arrived, simply interact with the chest to get a new cosmetic scarf.


It is a very small reward, but it is still worth it if you are looking for 100% of the game.
Image source: WB games through
If you do not see floating candles in the FLUE of the prohibited forest, you may have to recharge the area.
Simply select Flew Flame from your map and fast travel there again to recharge the instance, and this should make the candles appear.
That is done by our ghost search guide for our love of Hogwarts Legacy.
Be sure to search DLPRIVATOSERVER to get more tips and information about the game.
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