INAMI published a modified financial forecast for the end of the monetary year in March 2023.
The document shows that INAMI is probably the outcome of simply over half of the profits initially anticipated.
In May 2022, INAMI presumed an operating outcome of 76,500 billion yen, so rounded around 540 million euros.
The adjusted forecast now goes from much less cash from 42,500 billion yen, i.e. around 304 million euros for the fiscal year 2022/23.
INAMI has made a loss of 44.4 % in the forecast.


They did not desire to discuss precisely why INAMI had adjusted the numbers.
According to their own statements, there would be aspects that needed a revision of the prepared profits for some titles in the digital entertainment company.- Whatever that indicates.

Football 2023 is a cucumber

The Japanese entertainment company has not yet been able to shine with brand-new titles this year.
The biggest publication this year was Football 2023, a brand-new edition of the Pro Advancement Soccer series.
Football does not seem to be able to pay for the costs for INAMI.
Compared to FIFA 23, the INAMI title cuts ten times worse, a minimum of as far as the number of gamers on Steam is worried.

Quiet Hill as a rescue anchor?

INAMI is currently in the revival of the Silent Hill Franchise, with three titles that have already been revealed but have not yet received an accurate released date.
Quiet Hill 2’s remake probably got the biggest attention because the Polish developer studio Blood group took care of it.
Blower group is understood for their own horror series of Fear.

A new part of the main series was also revealed with Silent Hill F, which is to be produced by the Taiwanese designer studio Leonard’s home entertainment.
The studio is known for Resident Evil Resistance, the online component of the Resident Evil 3 remake.
The author behind the story of the game is Rakish 07, who became well-known for his visual-Novel series when they Cry.
The last revealed title is Quiet Hill: Downfall from the Scottish developer NO Code, which lag the title Stories Untold.
Annapurna Interactive will work as a co-producer of the video game.
The title ought to be the start of a Quiet Hill spin-off series.
Fans of the Silent Hill series can look forward to a great deal of goosebumps.
Do you think Silent Hill INAMI can help once again to make a monetary increase?
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