Last week, the terrific announcement by The Elder Scrolls was discovered online: shadow about Morrow ind and all the content that will be connected to this Cosmic horror story.

The highlight is certainly awaiting us in June, with the chapter Nero, which will lead us to the Giovanni Peninsula.
Prior to, on March 13th and March 28, 2023, however, the dungeon DLC Scribes of Fate and Update 37 are already waiting on all Tamil heroes.

SCREEN OF FATE already play now?

This exercises!
Acres of Fate sets the beginning signal for the year-round experience Shadow about Morrow ind.
In the upcoming DLC you can dive into 2 new dungeons for 4 players and your way to 2 spoiled acolytes of the scribes of Morey by the Halle The Hall of the Hall, or you take it up with the time magic of Bad Gunnar.
Each dungeon enters play in veteran and typical mode and has its own quests and benefits.
If you already wish to look at the DLC and the innovations of Update 37, you can do that.


The next content of The Senior Scrolls Online is already readily available on the public test server for substantial practice sessions.
To access the public test server, you need to open the system menu in the start program for PC/Mac and activate Program public test server in the settings.
Then you can download the version for the test server.
Throughout the setup, you can already look at the main German Spot Notes of Skies of Fate and Update 37. Here are 2 highlights that we have not mentioned so far:

Change of time to reset daily/weekly periods

  • Lot of times for daily or weekly runs were changed at the time for day-to-day login rewards (4 a.m. CET for European or 11 a.m. CET for North American meager), including:
  • First day-to-day benefits for the look for activities or triumphs
  • Gains of beverage
  • Day quests and efforts
  • Handicrafts and plans of apprentices
  • Note: 3rd place from Handwerksglehrlingen, through which you have actually received bundles every 12 hours up until now, now approve you two times as extensive packages once a day.
  • A variety of other different things and systems, consisting of riding lessons, limitations when pushing and offering thieves and benefits from silence-quiet
  • Different weekly times were laid in such a manner in which they sometimes reset on Sundays with the daily reset, including:
  • Rankings for examinations and battlefields
  • Weekly efforts and quests

Prologues for Nero: eye of fate

Help Ceramic of the Wise to reveal a conspiracy of powers that turn versus the thermal rate of the understanding and fate, Hermes Morey.
Discover ancient shrines and calls Hermes Morey’s secrets before his enemies use them to put Apocrypha and NIR in threat.
In order to attempt the prologue for Nero, you first need to buy the letter from Ceramic her Waken totally free in the crown shop.
Journeys to Oldenburg, Wegesruh or Grandest (depending upon the alliance of your character) and goes to Ceramic the smart that is waiting on all those who want to deal with Hermes Morey, the understanding.
Speak to Ceramic of the sensible to start the quest Eye of Fate.
Total the prologue, you will receive the brand-new unsteady emerald glyphic.
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