Call of Task: Black Ops Cold War is the 6th part of the Black Ops series and the seventeenth element of the worldwide series.
Cold War is expected to be released on November 13, 2020. The list below controller settings are likely to go to beta, with the complete variation of the video game. This guide will provide the finest controller specifications for Cold War, stressing you to give you
‘ The most considerable advantage in the video game.


If you have just played Call of Duty Modern: Warfare, you will wish to increase your sensitivity of a notch compared to what it was there.
The reason is that in the Cold War, the sensitivity beach goes from 1 to 14, while contemporary war gamers will be used to a beach of sensitivity of 1 to 20. This technique will assist make the sensitivities between the two
Horizontal and vertical sensitivity-3-4
A lower sensitivity permits you to control the decline in weapons, since there is a little more kick at the decrease in arms in the Cold War.
Sensitivity of the ads stick (low zoom) -0.70 -0.80.
It is an excellent method to manage the decline for a target located at an average distance from you, since with this specification, it enables you to make smaller and more precise adjustments with the decline in your weapon.
Ads stick sensitivity-1.00 (default).

Fundamental settings.

Baton arrangement-defect.
Allows you to make slides and shots far more easily than with the default parameter.
Drop Shot are not as practical in Cold War, due to the animation that happens when you make a Drop Shot.
On the other hand, this will provide you a far better advantage to slip into situations, which is valuable to master in the game.
Return L2/ R2 with L1/ R1-by default or inverted.
If you keep the claw mode controller, then the inverted change can work much better.
The default worth is suggested if you typically keep the controller.
Otherwise, this parameter is a personal choice.
Reverse the vertical appearance-disabled.
Vibration of the controller-disabled.
Vibrations might prevent you from aiming in fight situations.
By all means, trigger this choice if you value the realism element.
Controller sounds-disabled.

Advanced settings.

Minimum entry threshold of the left-the most affordable.
Max input limit of the highest left stick.
Minimum entry threshold of the right-the least expensive.


Max input threshold of the highest ideal stick.