The Auditor (Director Choir Alpha) decided on the 21st of the auditors to formally appreciate the allegations of the Game Water Management Committee (Chairman Kim Kyu-cheol).


Suspicion of the game level is relented to the ‘Game Rating Integrated Management System’, which has a tax of 5 billion won.
The Game Water Management Committee began to establish the ‘Game Rating Integrated Management System’ in 2017 and completed it in 2019.
Since then, the system has been pointed out at the end of 2020.

According to the clinician’s explanation, the Game Committee passed the completion inspection at the end of 2019 and received the product.
The problem was that the supervision resulted in an error in the product, and it was later confirmed that it was unfinished.
The supervision report states that 16% of the products were not completed, and 8% of the errors occurred and supplemented.

In addition, Democratic Party Lee Pantheon pointed out the issue at this year’s audit and pursued a request for auditors.
On October 29, 5,489 users signed the agreement on the National Assembly.

According to the ‘Determination of the National Audit Claim Review Committee’ provided by Lee Pantheon, the Auditor promoted the construction of the ‘Originally’ Self-Classification Game Integrated Follow-up Management System ‘in this Game Water Management Committee as a three-stage project, but
It was suspended during the promotion, he said.

Representative Lee Pantheon said, We received the official notice of the audit by the auditor’s request for audit.
I look forward to seeing the auditor’s real truth.