The first PVP season in WoW is not over. The development team has just announced that Arena will get a map.

It is not totally clear whether it just turns from A to B and C or perhaps even change by mishap
However, the former would make more sense, even if it was not officially confirmed
Are you eagerly anticipating a rotation of the arenas, or would you choose it if everyone is active at the very same time?
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Philipp Settler

On Wednesday, December 14th, not only the first legendary plus season and the new slaughterhouse opens its objectives, and the first PVP season also starts
Numerous PVP players then make their way to the wow or the arena
A new arena even awaits us on the dragon islands: Noshed’s fire sample, in which the Centaurs are defending the title largest warrior in the clan
We have now reached so lots of different arenas in WoW (buy now) that they have decided not to leave them off at the very same time

Arena rotation in Dragon flight Season 1

In order for the arenas to remain fresh longer, the Blizzard designers present a weekly rotation
We will only have 8 different arenas active every week
This choice will alternate every 3 weeks and repeat
This uses to both the examined arena and to baffle scenes
But that does not suggest that you just see your favorite arena every three weeks
Due to the fact that some arenas are consisted of in 2 choices
The new Nokhud-Arena is even available in all 3 weeks, as is the Na grand arena
The designers have figured out the following rotation:
Choice A |
Choice B |
Choice C
Arena of Na grand |
Arena of Na grand |
Arena of Na grand
Sewage of Malayan |
Cordero ruins |
Hook cap
Tigergipfel |
Tigergipfel |
Arena the To’ VIR
Enigmatectal |
Shamans fall
Arena DES Scheat |
The velodrome
Shamans fall |
Colosseum of Maldraxxus |
Colosseum of Maldraxxus |
Arena of the Rabenwehr |
Fire test from Nonhuman |
Fire test from Nonhuman |
Nonhuman fire test.