Sofia Loggia is one of the most talented young skiers in the world. She is currently competing, with a fractured hand and despite the injury, she was unbeatable on her favorite track.

2nd put on the very first departure from St. Moritz, where Loggia broke her hand.
The trip to the healthcare facility followed the operation and the way back to the slopes, after all, departure second was on the program.
In spite of pain and an absence of thrust, the Italian did not stop at the start of a brilliant run, at the end of which the victory stood.

Style presses in between

Kira Wade also showed her fighter heart.
The Sternberger at first drove start number 6 at the very best time, which Loggia powdered a little later.
The record of the very best Italian speed driver was again in risk when departure world champ Ilk The raced down the slopes.
After the finest intermediate brand name, however, the Slovenia headed out a little, but it was enough for Loggia to second with 0.43 seconds.
Wade, who completed 0.52 seconds behind Loggia, still had every factor to be delighted, because the Olympic 4th won her first podium this season and the fifth in her profession.
Behind it, the American Mikaela Shirin took fourth location and gathered important World Cup points.

I desired to show what I can.


I was mainly effective.

Kira Wade
You should not drive with too much anger in your stomach, stated Wade later on in the interview in the ARD.
I wished to show what I can do. That was largely effective, beamed the 26-year-old, who found admiring words for Loggia: Amazing, only she can since she is so ripped off and can turn off the head.
You can acknowledge in envy, that’s an excellent performance.
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