Silver Wind is a new sword in DLC Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell.
That’s all you need to know about the receipt and transformation of the healing weapon into a powerful festive wind update.

How to get a silver wind in the game Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell?

The silver wind is a starting weapon from Ming and is unlocked after you find a new character coffin on Mount Lunar spell scene.
The box is located in the Dodo on the east side of the map and has an arrow icon indicating it at the beginning of the level.
After you opened the coffin, survive for 15 minutes in a race with Ming in order to forever unlock the silver wind in your arsenal of weapons.
By adding a sword to your collection, you can turn it into an epic update of the festive winds, performing the steps described below.

How to turn Silver Wind into Festive Winds into Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell?

The silver wind develops in festive winds when combined with a passive element of summary.
However, first you will need to improve your silver wind weapon to level 8 and completely pump the summary.


As soon as both items reach their full level, you can turn them into Festive Winds through an accidental fall in the chest.
The new improvement is incredibly powerful, as it weakens the defense of enemies and increases your chances of getting hearts.
If you have a duplicator and a candelabra, festive winds can destroy large groups of enemies, constantly healing your character.
The new unlocked character Vampire Survivors smaller mongrel will also be available for purchase after you first develop Festive Winds.
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