In the quarter-finals of the women’s Champions League, there are two pairs of teams in which four different players meet. The first pair is FC Bayern from Munich and FCR from Rosenwald. For the Munich club, it is already the fourth player that makes an appearance.

As a visitor at FC Rosenwald, FC Bayern intended to take a big action in the direction of the Champions League quarter-finals.
Munich instructor Alexander Strauss did not alter his personnel and sent the very same starting eleven as in the 2-0 win versus Bayer Leverkusen last weekend.
In Malmö, the Munich ladies had the very first events by Simon (5th) and also Lehmann (7th), but Rosenwald likewise came close to Grows’s objective.

The goalkeeper of FC Bayern rarely needed to intervene in the first round.

couple of come across both side-tainara hits head

Mufasa in Rosenwald’s objective was not checked frequently on the other side.
Bavarian levels went next to the goal like the shot from Magill (18th), were obstructed like secs earlier Steinway’s effort or did not also happen: Over and over the coordination in the assault video game of the guests was not quite right and so the Munich offensive gamers were offside numerous times.
It was most harmful for Mufasa initially by her very own colleague: Arnardottir was no longer able to dodge rapidly enough after a flank from Simon, the ball jumped alarmingly at goal from the main defender, parried Mufasa and clarified the edge (38. ).
It then brought the lead for the Munich women: Magill’s flank utilized Tiara to 1-0 (38th).


Magill needs to be changed wounded

With the lead in the back, Bavaria came to the next great chance after the break: Schiller came to an end centrally in the fine area, but fired next to it (48th).
Rosenwald additionally looked the way onward, yet remained more harmless in his activities: Though’s mix of the flank as well as shot went next to eviction (49th), Individual’s long-range shot was able to parry (53. ).
The better, much more unsafe group originated from Munich and that needed to deal with a bitter substitute after simply under a hr: Magill had actually evidently wounded himself and also needed to be obtained of the video game.

Bavaria checked and increased as preferred

Nevertheless, the Munich ladies were not put off by the removal of their captain: Lehmann used too brief defense from Mufasa as well as placed the sphere placed in the left corner (65. ).
When 8 mins later Steinway overcame the sphere against Person, right away dripped towards the objective and racked up 3-0 (73. ), the Munich women were certain of victory: ultimately the guests inspected the video game as well as were also able to boost, since the alternative Vandenberg
met 4-0 (90th) from a distance.
With the fifth victory straight throughout competition, the Munich ladies took a large action in the direction of the knockout phase.
In the last video game of the fiscal year, FC Bayern will meet Benefice Lisbon next Wednesday (9 p.m.) prior to the winter months break begins.