Taken is a one of the oldest and most popular fighting games in the world, with over 40 million sold copies.

Banzai NAMC Europe already presented the very first story and gameplay trailer for Taken 8. The trailer shows the advanced graphic, comprehensive character designs, atmospheric destructible environments and a brand-new video game mechanics.

The trailer can be seen here again:
Banzai NAMC Europe announced that the gameplay of Taken 8 will concentrate on aggressive strategies.


While keeping your own taken identity, the game with visceral, screen-filling attacks and dynamic, destructible environments will offer both the viewers and gamers, an exciting experience.
The trailer also stresses a brand-new video game mechanics: the Heat System that triggers aggressive attacks with special relocations and improvements in capability for the individual characters.
Fist meets Fate, in the dramatic brand-new storyline from Taken 8. The Taken series thinks about the Guinness World Record to be the longest-lasting computer game story, and Taken 8 sets the awful legend of the bloodlines Minima and Mazama and its earth-shattering father
Son-twist continued.
The story begins where the previous part has actually stopped, in a world that is deep into the destructive war between Kahuna Minima and Jin Mazama.
After he apparently suffered a defeat from Kahuna, Jin faces his own fate.
His mom, Jun Mazama, appears after her lack from the Taken series to try to turn the sheet in this feast.
Taken 8 will appear specifically for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s and PC (through Steam).