In the tips guide to Marvels Midnight Suns you can find out:
How to unlock and improve new cards
Which heroes you should play in the early game
How to increase the relationship with the heroes
Marvel’s Midnight Sun is a round-based strategy game of the COM makers in which her powerful Marvel hero controls her.
New skills and items can be purchased in the hero’s headquarters, and you can also increase the affection of certain characters through dialogues and thus increase their efficiency in the fights.
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How do I get new cards for my heroes?

The fights in Marvel’s Midnight Suns run turn-based.
At the beginning of a round you pull a certain number of cards.
There are attack cards and heroic deed cards with which you can attack opponents or use useful buffs.
The heroic decks can be added to new cards.
You can recognize the strength and usefulness of a card at the improvement level and its rarity.
The fastest way to get new cards through the Gamma helix analysis in the smithy.
You get Gamma-Helixe by completing missions.
The cards that are available depend on the heroes who took part in the mission.
The Gamme-Helix analysis is not the only way to get new cards.

The hero missions at Captain Marvel and the conclusion of pleasure can also provide you with new cards.

How do I improve my cards?

Improving a card increases its efficiency and in many cases complements the card with useful side effects.
If you want to improve a card, you have to interact with the big sword in the courtyard.
To improve a card, you need at least three copies of the same card and a certain amount of essence.

How do I get valuable essences?

You need essences not only for the improvement in the card, but also for the production of items.
There are three types of essences: attack essence (purple), skill essence (green) and heroic activity (orange).
Essences are very rare, and you should think carefully about what you give for.
You get most essences by studying artifacts.
You get artifacts through certain story or secondary missions in which you have to recover artifacts.


Furthermore, you then have to go to Dr.
Bring Strange, which you can find in the smithy.
You can also get essences from chests, by conversations or when exploring the abbey.

increase the friendship level-that’s how it works

In the game you take on the role of Hunter, a new hero that you create at the start of the game.
As Hunter, you can close new friendships with the heroes in the abbey.
This increases their friendship level and unlocks rewards.
There are many ways to increase the friendship level of a hero.
In conversations, you have to make sure to choose the correct dialog options.
Furthermore, you can compliment or give gifts.
On the grounds of the abbey, retreats, so-called refugees, can be opened.
Invite your favorite heroes into the refugees to strengthen friendship.
There are also friendship points when you resume club invitations and hero inquiries.
From the beginning, focus on increasing the friendship levels as soon as possible.
This improves the general team friendship in the abbey, which unlocks powerful rewards such as heroic com boons in combat.

does all the messenger before starting a mission

The time of day determines the activities that are available to you.
It is always in the evening when you conclude a mission.
Then you can have conversations, accept club invitations and hang out with heroes.
If you want to start a new day, you have to go to bed.
The next day you should first focus on pursuing all activities that you can only complete before a mission:
Daily sparring
Helix analysis
Studying an artifact
Research in the smithy
Decrepit the information storage at Captain Marvel

tips for the fight: This is how you win every battle

keep an eye on victory conditions

The fights in Marvel’s Midnight Suns often have special victory conditions.
For example, you get the task of stealing artifacts from a truck, arresting a person or defending data storage.

pay attention to your positioning

At the beginning of a round you have to make sure to position your heroes correctly.
Stay away from explosive barrels and distribute the heroes in the arena to weaken area attacks.

take care of henchmen early enough

Jugs are opponents who are automatically switched off with a single attack.
Attack cards with the Fast attribute can take henchmen out of the game without consuming an action.
Enemy bosses or elites have the opportunity to call new henchmen.
Switch off henchmen as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to fight too many opponents at once.

prioritizes the right opponents

Opponent types that have particularly dangerous attacks or reinforce and heal other opponents should always be switched off first.
Bundles your attacks and uses rebuffs such as bleeding or weakening.

Use your surroundings

Opponents can be thrown with many attack cards.
You can use this to your advantage by throwing opponents in explosive barrels or in abysses.
Sofas can be kicked in opponents and platforms are used for mighty jump attacks.

always take a healer with you

Especially at higher levels of difficulty or in boss fights, it is essential to take a healer with you.
It is also advisable to have a tank like Captain Marvel or Captain America on a team that can block attacks and mock attacks.
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