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3 Teams Draymond Green Could Join If Golden State Warriors Choose To Part Ways

As Raymond Green’s future with the Golden State Warriors remains uncertain, speculation has been mounting about where the three-time NBA champion could go next. In this article, we will look at three of the most likely teams that Raymond could join if the Warriors choose to part ways with him. We’ll analyze each team’s current roster and discuss how they might benefit from adding Green to their squad.

Nevertheless, there have actually been reports about Raymond Green being traded to another team. The speculations stimulated mainly due to Green’s altercation with Jordan Poole previously this season. Considered That Golden State awarded Poole with a contract extension over Green, it’s clear that the organization is beginning to buy the more youthful people.

As the season continues, nevertheless, Jordan Poole isn’t precisely delivering on what he’s being paid to do. Poole consented to a four-year agreement extension worth $123 million. In spite of his lackluster performances and his locker space beef, Raymond Green still acts as a leader by protecting the Warriors’ young core. As an outcome, the group is still keeping their veteran forward around to direct the young gamers.


Here are three groups Greene might potentially sign up with forces with in the near future.

NBC Sports reported that Golden State has no plans on trading Green for now. With that in mind, there’s still a possibility that basketball fans might witness Green match up for another team quickly.

Raymond Green’s future with the Golden State Warriors stays unsure. Green is now playing in the third year of his existing four-year contract with the Warriors. Once the 2022-23 NBA season concludes, the veteran forward can either select to exercise his player alternative or go into totally free company.

3 possible groups Raymond Green could dress for

Green’s next choice would be signing up with forces with the Purple and Gold next season. That method, he can enjoy the Lakers at full force with Anthony Davis, LeBron James, and Russell Westbrook on the roster.

# 1-LA Lakers

If Raymond Green is sent over to the Mass, having a locker room leader to push Luka Dončić and the rest to make every effort further might be the secret to their success.

For a while now, Raymond Green has actually been meaning coordinating with LeBron James in LA. Numerous sources even reported that Green openly admitted that he wants to partner with the King. If the Lakers desire to pursue acquiring the Warriors veteran, the trade would sadly include Russell Westbrook, who’s been doing well with the team this season.

The Dallas Mavericks might have fallen short to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals last season. Looking at Dallas right now, they have the right tools, however they lack experience.

# 2-LA Clippers

Raymond Green’s future with the Golden State Warriors stays unpredictable. There have been rumors about Raymond Green being traded to another team. In spite of his dull efficiencies and his locker room beef, Raymond Green still acts as a leader by defending the Warriors’ young core. For a while now, Raymond Green has been hinting at teaming up with LeBron James in LA. If Raymond Green genuinely wants to play in LA, the Clippers may be his next best alternative.

# 3-Dallas Mavericks

If Raymond Green truly wishes to play in LA, the Clippers might be his next finest option. Having Green in the lineup might assist improve their protective score in the league, turning them into a force to be reckoned with.

Shaquille ONeal Claims Jordan, Hakeem, And Bird Would Get Swept By Kobe, LeBron, And

Basketball fans have been debating the greatest players of all time for decades now, and Shaquille O’Neal has always had a strong opinion on the matter. In a recent interview, he claimed that Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and himself would sweep Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Larry Bird in a best-of-seven series. Find out why Shaw made this bold statement and what his reasoning was in this article!

Shaquille O’Neal has actually always declared that he’s among basketballs most dominant players along with Wilt Chamberlain. He’s also now asserting that with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, they’ll sweep Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Hakeem Olajuwon.

Shaw posted this on his Instagram account about a hypothetical 3-on3 match versus fellow legends of the video game:

Michael Jordan and Hakeem Olajuwon were part of the historically fantastic 1984 NBA Draft class and won champions in the 90s.

Some have agreed with Oneal claim of a sweep versus Jordan, Bird and Olajuwon, however several have actually likewise turned the tables on him. They have actually commented that it would be Jordan’s group that will do the sweeping rather of the other method around.


The only time Shaw won a playoff series against Jordan’s Bulls was during the 1995 postseason when His Fairness came out of retirement. Oneal led his young Orlando Magic team to the NBA Finals, only to be swept by Hakeem Olajuwon Houston Firecrackers.

Jordan would get his revenge the list below year versus Shaquille O’Neal and the Orlando Magic by sweeping them in 1996. The Shaw and Kobe Lakers progressed a few years after MJ called it a profession.

Hypothetical matches are always hard to predict as there are so lots of variables and players are usually from various periods. Larry Bird was one of the most significant stars of the 80s along with LA Lakers icon Magic Johnson.

Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James controlled the NBA after the aforementioned names had already retired. MJ, Larry Legend and The Dream didn’t even get to play a single game against King James.

Shaquille O’Neal might have misspelled a few of the words in his post however there’s no misinterpreting the strong assertion. He does not think Jordan, Bird and Olajuwon can win a single game versus a trio that has himself, Bryant and James.

Shaquille O’Neal calls Michael Jordan the best ever

Shaquille O’Neal may believe that he will sweep Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Hakeem Olajuwon versus his team, but Shaw still thinks about MJ the greatest.

Here’s what Oneal said in an interview a few months ago about Jordan:

Even with LeBron James inescapable march to claim Kareem Abdul-Jabbars scoring crown, Shaw still puts Jordan on top of James as the GOAT.

The loss to Shags Orlando Magic group in 1995 was the last time Michael Jordan would lose in the playoffs. He would cap off his Chicago Bulls career with another three-peat. Among his victims in 1996 was Oneal Magic which the Bulls dismissed via a shutout.

(3:50 mark).

Kyrie Irving And The Brooklyn Nets Top The Detroit Pistons 124-121, Despite Trailing For Most Of The Game

In a thrilling matchup between two Eastern Conference rivals, the Brooklyn Nets pulled off an improbable comeback win against the Detroit Pistons on Sunday. Led by Kyrie Irving’s heroic performance, the Nets overcame a hefty deficit to prevail 124-121 and cement their place as one of the top teams in the conference. Read on to find out all about this exciting game!

The PA system trolled the 2016 champion by providing a spinning world followed by a Pleased Hannah sign on the jumbo tron screen. The latter was a chance at Irving’s concerns with antisemitism, which caused him to be suspended for eight video games last month. Likewise, Irving has actually been slammed for pushing flat-earth theories.

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets topped the Detroit Pistons 124-121 on Sunday in spite of tracking for the majority of the game. Throughout the video game, the Pistons’ PA system played around while the seven-time All-Star shot totally free tosses in a stunt that backfired.

Durant scored 43 points to will the group into success. He also had great assistance from Irving, who had 38 points and shot 5-for-10 from 3-point range. They were 2 of only three gamers who scored in double digits for the Internet. The Pistons (8-24), on the other hand, were led by Bajan Bogdanović with 26.


Here are a few of the best responses.

Kevin Durant led the method as the Nets (19-12) overcame a 10-point deficit that was present throughout much of the game.

Fans didn’t believe it was a funny relocation. Rather, they trolled the Pistons for losing to Irving and the Nets.

In the end, it was Irving who had the last laugh. His 38-point efficiency was too much for the Pistons to deal with as they fumbled the lead late in the game. Detroit is in 14th place in the Eastern Conference.

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Kyrie Irving’s production with the Internet is assisting the team in a substantial way

Irving’s aid has become crucial to the Internet’ success and might play a huge part of their postseason.

Considering that returning from his suspension, Kyrie Irving has assisted the Internet win. At the start of the season, the team struggled after a number of issues. It began with a coaching problem, which caused the firing of Steve Nash on Nov. 1.

In Irving’s last 14 video games, he has installed some extraordinary numbers to help the Webs go 11-3 because his return. Uncle Drew is averaging 25.7 points, 4.6 rebounds and 4.1 helps while shooting 51.3%, including 37.7% from 3-point variety.

Brooklyn, which was 2-5 under Nash, has discovered its stride and slowly improved to climb up to fourth place. Brooklyn went 5-3 without Irving, however has rolled given that his return on Nov. 20. The Webs have actually won six games in a row and 10 of their previous 11.

Irving’s concerns with the antisemitic movie he promoted emerged at the exact same time.

Check out: Kyrie Irving in awe of Kevin Durant after turning point night

He likewise had fantastic assistance from Irving, who had 38 points and shot 5-for-10 from 3-point range. The latter was a shot at Irving’s issues with antisemitism, which triggered him to be suspended for eight games last month. In the end, it was Irving who had the last laugh. Given that returning from his suspension, Kyrie Irving has actually assisted the Internet win. Brooklyn went 5-3 without Irving, but has actually rolled because his return on Nov. 20.

Kendrick Perkins believes Lakers will manage to stay afloat in Anthony Davis absence

The LA Lakers have been dealt a tough blow with the news that Anthony Davis will be out for a few weeks due to an injury. However, Kendrick Perkins believes that the team can still stay competitive during this time without their star player. In this article, we’ll look at why Perkins thinks the Lakers can manage to stay afloat in Davis’ absence.

Kendrick Perkins believes the LA Lakers will survive and be around the.500 mark in Anthony Davis’ absence. Davis, their best gamer this season, has actually been sidelined for a month due to a foot injury.

The Lakers have actually been over-reliant on him sometimes, but Perkins believes they will be fine in his lack and even declared they remain in a better state than the Warriors. Here’s what Perkins stated on the KJM podcast about this:

The LA Lakers might get through the next few weeks without Anthony Davis. The Lakers may get through the next 2 weeks, however as the season progresses, if Davis stays out, things may get difficult.

The LA Lakers lack border shooting and size in the wings. It would be hard for them to be an effective team offensively or match the physicality of their challengers, which is definitely higher come playoff time.


In both games, the Lakers got contributions from every gamer that required to the floor on both sides of the ball. Meanwhile, LeBron James continues to dip into a high level. He has scored a minimum of 30 points in 4 consecutive video games.

LA Lakers can only stay so long in Anthony Davis’ absence.

Perkins may have a practical point for the LA Lakers’ state after Anthony Davis’ injury. It’s a small sample size, the Lakers have actually played as a cohesive unit and remaining around the.500 mark seems like a reasonable target for the team in AD’s absence

The Lakers are reported to be active in the trade market, with the due date approaching in a number of months. They are keeping an eye on possible sellers as there is scope for them to protect valuable assets at a budget friendly expense.

As presently constructed, the Lakers’ opportunities of succeeding in the playoffs, even if they are healthy, don’t look excellent. Their rivals seem to have a well-rounded roster than them, fit better for postseason basketball.

The LA Lakers are 13-16 for the year. They handled to play through the entire second half in Davis’ lack versus Nikola Jokić and the Denver Nuggets and win the tie 126-108. The Lakers also protected a 119-117 win against the Washington Wizards in their last video game without AD.

The LA Lakers are 13-16 for the year. In both games, the Lakers got contributions from every gamer that took to the floor on both sides of the ball. The LA Lakers might get through the next couple of weeks without Anthony Davis. The Lakers may get through the next two weeks, but as the season advances, if Davis remains out, things might get difficult.

WoW: PvP -Season 1 – Arena gets map. In the meantime we have so many arenas in WoW that the


The first PVP season in WoW is not over. The development team has just announced that Arena will get a map.

It is not totally clear whether it just turns from A to B and C or perhaps even change by mishap
However, the former would make more sense, even if it was not officially confirmed
Are you eagerly anticipating a rotation of the arenas, or would you choose it if everyone is active at the very same time?
To house page
Philipp Settler

On Wednesday, December 14th, not only the first legendary plus season and the new slaughterhouse opens its objectives, and the first PVP season also starts
Numerous PVP players then make their way to the wow or the arena
A new arena even awaits us on the dragon islands: Noshed’s fire sample, in which the Centaurs are defending the title largest warrior in the clan
We have now reached so lots of different arenas in WoW (buy now) that they have decided not to leave them off at the very same time

Arena rotation in Dragon flight Season 1

In order for the arenas to remain fresh longer, the Blizzard designers present a weekly rotation
We will only have 8 different arenas active every week
This choice will alternate every 3 weeks and repeat
This uses to both the examined arena and to baffle scenes
But that does not suggest that you just see your favorite arena every three weeks
Due to the fact that some arenas are consisted of in 2 choices
The new Nokhud-Arena is even available in all 3 weeks, as is the Na grand arena
The designers have figured out the following rotation:
Choice A |
Choice B |
Choice C
Arena of Na grand |
Arena of Na grand |
Arena of Na grand
Sewage of Malayan |
Cordero ruins |
Hook cap
Tigergipfel |
Tigergipfel |
Arena the To’ VIR
Enigmatectal |
Shamans fall
Arena DES Scheat |
The velodrome
Shamans fall |
Colosseum of Maldraxxus |
Colosseum of Maldraxxus |
Arena of the Rabenwehr |
Fire test from Nonhuman |
Fire test from Nonhuman |
Nonhuman fire test.

Shaq Doubts Warriors Chances To Win On The Road

The Golden State Warriors began a harsh six-game journey with an uneven 128-111 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night. Golden State tried to crawl out of a big 26-point deficit however simply could not stem the game to their side.

The Warriors are now just 14-14 for the season, which puts them in 10th place in the heated fight for the Western Conference playoffs. If Golden States befuddling distinction in efficiency on the road and at home continues, they may have to defend a play-in spot.

Shaquille Oneal, however, isn’t worried about the reigning champs up-and-down season:

In spite of the Warriors’ struggles, Shaquille Oneal, Raymond Green and almost everyone in Dubs Country isn’t fretted about it. Steve Kerr thinks they’re still trying to discover themselves as a group.

Last year’s Golden State Warriors had veterans as their best alternatives off the bench. They had Gary Payton II, Otto Porter Jr., Demand America and Juan Toscano-Anderson. The Warriors do not have that luxury this season as they are waiting for James Wiseman, Jonathan Kunming and Moses Moody to step up.

Following a loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on November 4, the Golden State Warriors record dropped to 3-7. The Golden State Warriors are now a much better group than the one that stumbled right out of the gates. Golden State are 12-2 on their home flooring and 2-12 on the roadway.

Wiseman, however, has just been recalled from the G-League, while Moody has been regularly on and off.

Out of the three, just Kunming has revealed signs of ending up being a key factor to the Golden State Warriors this season. His scoring and shooting numbers are down, however Steve Kerr has entrusted him with the job of sometimes protecting the opponents the best players.

(7:12 mark).

Here’s Charles Barkley’s outlook on the potential future of the Warriors:.


The Golden State Warriors are now a far better group than the one that stumbled right out of evictions. However, they still have several kinks to iron out, especially when they’re away from Chase Center. Golden State are 12-2 on their house floor and 2-12 on the road.

Play Thompson has actually likewise played a lot better than the nearly unrecognizable variation of the shooting guard who appeared at the start of the season. Coach Steve Kerr, who wanted to give minutes to his youthful function gamers, has actually tightened up the rotation to put things in order.

Golden States ‘win now and later’ mantra might be jeopardized if their young role players can’t establish soon enough to play vital roles.

Last year’s Golden State Warriors had veterans as their best choices off the bench.


Following a loss to the New Orleans Pelicans on November 4, the Golden State Warriors record dropped to 3-7. Because then, they’ve won 11 of their last 18 games to return to.500 for the season. The Warriors began to turn their performance around by playing much better defense.

Charles Barkley disagrees with Shaquille Oneal concerning the Golden State Warriors title repeat bid.

Steph Currys Numbers To Put In Perspective How He Has Changed The Game

Curry is a four-time champ, a Finals MVP, and an eight-time All-Star. As discussed previously, Curry took the league by storm after the Miami Heat era ended, which resulted in his two MVP seasons.

Steph Curry has played in the NBA for 14 seasons now. Not only is Curry considered to be one of the biggest shooters of all time, but he also affected the NBA to end up being an outdoors shooting league.

Taking a closer take a look at Steph Curry’s back-to-back MVP Seasons

Steph Curry won the distinguished MVP title in back-to-back seasons. He first won it in 2015, then in 2016. Curry undoubtedly deserved to win both awards, especially in his 2016 project. He affected lots of young gamers and league veterans alike to make use of the three-point shot regularly. Throughout one of those two runs, he likewise ended up being a champ. What precisely did his MVP seasons look like?

2014-15 NBA MVP

Steph Curry was the leader of the Golden State Warriors at this point. It was clear that Curry was the player who did most of the offending work.

Curry won his first MVP award in the 2014-15 NBA season. Some believed that James Harden must’ve won the MVP that season.

Curry and the Warriors were on a roll in 2015. The Golden State superstar not only won the MVP award however likewise assisted them win their very first title in 40 years. It was really memorable.

2015-16 NBA MVP

Curry’s dominance that year obviously boosted the Warriors’ morale. Golden State ended up beating the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ 72-10 record with their 73-9 record. This was one of the significant elements why Steph won the MVP all. Regrettably, despite making the NBA Finals in 2016, they wound up falling to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.


Steph Curry has played in the NBA for 14 seasons now. Steph Curry won the prominent MVP title in back-to-back seasons. Curry certainly should have to win both awards, specifically in his 2016 project. Curry won his very first MVP award in the 2014-15 NBA season. In the 2015-16 season, Steph Curry won his 2nd successive MVP award.

In the 2015-16 season, Steph Curry won his 2nd consecutive MVP award. Curry had arguably his best season in 2016 averaging 30.1 points, 6.7 assists, 5.4 rebounds, and 2.1 steals per video game.

Goggia despite the broken hand Famos. Sofia Goggias fighting qualities are known: the Italian showed this

Sofia Loggia is one of the most talented young skiers in the world. She is currently competing, with a fractured hand and despite the injury, she was unbeatable on her favorite track.

2nd put on the very first departure from St. Moritz, where Loggia broke her hand.
The trip to the healthcare facility followed the operation and the way back to the slopes, after all, departure second was on the program.
In spite of pain and an absence of thrust, the Italian did not stop at the start of a brilliant run, at the end of which the victory stood.

Style presses in between

Kira Wade also showed her fighter heart.
The Sternberger at first drove start number 6 at the very best time, which Loggia powdered a little later.
The record of the very best Italian speed driver was again in risk when departure world champ Ilk The raced down the slopes.
After the finest intermediate brand name, however, the Slovenia headed out a little, but it was enough for Loggia to second with 0.43 seconds.
Wade, who completed 0.52 seconds behind Loggia, still had every factor to be delighted, because the Olympic 4th won her first podium this season and the fifth in her profession.
Behind it, the American Mikaela Shirin took fourth location and gathered important World Cup points.

I desired to show what I can.


I was mainly effective.

Kira Wade
You should not drive with too much anger in your stomach, stated Wade later on in the interview in the ARD.
I wished to show what I can do. That was largely effective, beamed the 26-year-old, who found admiring words for Loggia: Amazing, only she can since she is so ripped off and can turn off the head.
You can acknowledge in envy, that’s an excellent performance.
The race in the ticker

LCS Studio Becomes Riot Games Arena

LCS Studio Becomes Riot Games Arena. LCS Studio is a set of regulations for how the League of Legends Championship Series should operate and any studio that meets their standards can host matches.

Looking at the schedules for North and European American Riot esports, it does look like the LCS operates at the worst times in terms of potential viewership. The LEC starts at 6pm for Central European Time and runs Saturday through Monday, while VCT EMEA performs at the same time Wednesday through Friday. Of the 4 leagues for NA/EMEA League and VALORANT, the LCS is the only one that runs only on weekdays around the middle of the day for its respective area.

Move over LCS, you’re getting a new rookie beginning next year. For 2023, Riot Games wishes to push professional League of Legends and VALORANT as its flagship esports programs, and in North America, that suggests the two will have to get along in a shared space.


The LEC gets to keep its own studio in Berlin while a new one for VCT EMEA is constructed throughout town, but LCS now has to share a home. Leasing or owning an area in Los Angeles isn’t inexpensive, and it sounds like the previous LCS Arena is getting a quite substantial visual overhaul at least.

Starting in 2023, the LCS and the VCT Americas League will share a phase at the renamed Riot Games Arena (previously understood as the LCS Arena).

The new schedule itself for both esports has actually drawn considerable attention, with the VCT Americas League getting an afternoon/early night broadcast window of Saturday through Monday, while LCS moves to Thursdays and Fridays (and often Wednesdays). The LCS relocation has actually raised some concerns in the NA League neighborhood, with folks like LCS caster Azazel expressing their worries about what the altered schedule will do to viewership.

The LCS will get the area to themselves for the 2023 Spring Split, however, considering that the VCT kickoff occasion in São Paulo, Brazil will run in place of the conventional very first split for this inaugural season.

Silver Wind: How To Get And Use The New Sword

Silver Wind is a new sword in DLC Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell.
That’s all you need to know about the receipt and transformation of the healing weapon into a powerful festive wind update.

How to get a silver wind in the game Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell?

The silver wind is a starting weapon from Ming and is unlocked after you find a new character coffin on Mount Lunar spell scene.
The box is located in the Dodo on the east side of the map and has an arrow icon indicating it at the beginning of the level.
After you opened the coffin, survive for 15 minutes in a race with Ming in order to forever unlock the silver wind in your arsenal of weapons.
By adding a sword to your collection, you can turn it into an epic update of the festive winds, performing the steps described below.

How to turn Silver Wind into Festive Winds into Vampire Survivors: Legacy of the Moon spell?

The silver wind develops in festive winds when combined with a passive element of summary.
However, first you will need to improve your silver wind weapon to level 8 and completely pump the summary.


As soon as both items reach their full level, you can turn them into Festive Winds through an accidental fall in the chest.
The new improvement is incredibly powerful, as it weakens the defense of enemies and increases your chances of getting hearts.
If you have a duplicator and a candelabra, festive winds can destroy large groups of enemies, constantly healing your character.
The new unlocked character Vampire Survivors smaller mongrel will also be available for purchase after you first develop Festive Winds.
Want to know more about Vampire Survivors?
If so, get acquainted with the section The best assemblies of characters for beginners in games for professionals.

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