While waiting for the Game Awards (December 8), the Geoff Kafka event throughout which the Got 2022 will be selected, some editors have actually currently chosen their video game of the year. This is the case of Time Magazine which unveiled the list of 10 video games he appreciated one of the most in 2022. In top place, we find God of War Ragnarök, the last work of art of She Santa Monica Studio of which all the action-adventure video games must be motivated according to the media. And while we thought that Elden Ring would complete second, the game of From Software ultimately gets here in the fourth position, preceded by the excellent Horizon: Forbidden West (2nd) and The Quarry (3rd).


For the record, Elden Ring was selected Got 2022 during the Golden Joystick Awards, winning a total of 5 awards (video game of the year, the finest visual style, the option of criticism, studio of the year, the finest multiplayer video game). There is no doubt that the battle will be much tighter during the Game Awards: Elden Ring was selected in seven categories, while God of War Ragnarök can possibly win ten prizes.

The Top 10 2022 of the Time Magazine

1. God of War: Ragnarök
2. Horizon: Forbidden West
3. The Quarry
4. Elden Ring
5. Stray
6. The Last of United States Part 1
7. Sight
8. Resident Evil Town: Shadows of Rose
9. Lego Star Wars: the Skywalker legend
10. Ninja Turtles Mutant Teenage: Shredders Vengeance