In the Amazon Black Friday you can now get the popular Orly Geek Pack, an extensive accessory bundle for Nintendo Switch. Instead of €69.99, you only pay €39.29. The deal is a flash offer that is only valid at 8 p.m. until this evening. However, it could also be sold out earlier, because the crowd is narrowly limited and according to the information on the product page, 46 percent are currently sold. Here is the deal:

Orly Geek Pack for Nintendo Switch instead of €69.99 for €39.29 at Amazon

The Orly Geek Pack for Nintendo Switch contains the following articles:

  • Carry bag
  • Screen protection (2x)
  • Joy-Conenerbugen (2x)
  • Joy-Con handles (2x)
  • Charging station for Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers
  • Grip cover for Switch
  • Grips for analog sticks (6x)
  • Stand foot
  • Box for game cartridges
  • In-ear headphones
  • USB cable
  • Touch pen

When purchasing the individual, the products contained would roughly cost around €110 to €120. So the bundle is not a bad deal even at normal price.

Please note that the bundle is only intended for the normal Nintendo Switch (Edition 2017 or 2019). Individual articles such as screen protection could not fit due to the size difference at the Nintendo Switch OLED or the Switch Lite. There are therefore separate bundles for these consoles, which are also partially reduced to the Black Friday, if not as strong:

  • Orly Accessories Bundle for Nintendo Switch OLED instead of €59.99 for €46.06
  • Orly Nintendo Switch Lite Essential Pack instead of €27.99 for €22.04

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