Albion Online is preparing to raise prices on gold and Premium next week, and the Sandbox Interactive dev group has a new post on what you can do to secure the existing prices.

We recently included a guide where Nick demonstrates how you could likewise make your method through playing in game, but if you do wish to continue to pay for a subscription, the groups see today does feature a push to assist. It likewise shows how to switch membership over from outdoors platforms directly to Sandbox official client or shop.

It will be possible to lock in the lower prices in a few actions. One of them is to switch to subscribing through the website or native customer itself to avoid the higher charge. While not exactly a sale, it is another directs prior to the brand-new rates begin.

Rate increases are absolutely nothing brand-new, and no one likes them. Yet, it is likewise late November, and the wide range of Black Friday sales and other sales in light of the holiday are all over you look this week.


Gold will also be going up on the same day, so if you’re seeking to continue your experiences in Albion Online, especially with Beyond the Veil having just brought some entire new layers to the game, it might be worth heading over to the blog site and checking out the complete post on how to keep prices steady.

For the Albion Online community, what this implies is that prices will rise, with an additional cost for subscribing through an outdoors platform. One month will go from $11.95 to $14.95, however if you’re subscribed through Steam, Apple, or Google Play, your new monthly expense will go up to $15.95-15.99 per month if you do a month-to-month renewal.