The Playoffs phase of the Enter Super cop Interesting to define how things are accommodated for the next stage.

Starting with the confrontation of Maze Gaming against Furious Gaming with a team of bulls that has a list in the hands of Darius that does a great job in the line of lines to be able to take a large amount of casualties to obtain a large advantage of early gold that manages to put the favorable things for the bulls and with last push they manage to take the map in their favor.

For the second battle we have Santiago Wanderers against eSports crusaders where we see an interesting selection of a lee without for Frostbite that manages to be present within the competition to punish the opponents interesting in each of the occasions leaving things favorable for CE that ends with the favorable things for them.

The third contest would be Movistar Optic against Eclipse Gaming becomes quite a couple for both sides who do not want In a fight to close the contest things end on the side of EG to advance in the tournament.

Finishing the day we see a battle between metagaming against New stars seeing rapid aggression on the MG side that has a Civil/Yummy combo in the hands of manifest/luck that put the favorable things for their squad and manage to conquer their lane for They can increase the advantage within the game, but they begin to increase the advantage to end a victory for them.


This ends the day of playoffs within the Chilean competition that makes clear the level that each of the squads has in preparation for the opening tourney Each of the teams, with 4 victorious teams and 4 defeated the situation can vary for the second day.